måndag 30 januari 2012

fire in da house

yesterday we just took it easy and chilled in the sun. in the morning we prepared a bone broth soup (http://www.jadeinstitute.com/jade/bone-broth-health-building.php). the soup is supposed to boil for at least 10 hours, up to a week. you basically boil the bones to extract the gelatin and minerals in them and then you make soup with eat, its veeery healthy! anyway, there is always a risk it will boil down so you have to keep adding water to it. so we went there every other hour and filled it up. in the evening we went and had a cup of tea at juans cafe and coming back we totally forgot about the soup, around 3 am a girl ran from the kitchen screaming, apparently the water had boiled down and the bones set on fire. seba ran in and threw water on it, and the only thing left was completely black bones, a ruined crock pot and a one meter high black mark on the wall. now we know never to boil bone broth in a hostel again..

today femi is away on a little trip, she's coming back tonight. the girls have been playing some dart and i've been studying. later im probably gonna go and surf with a friend, never done it before so it will be interesting! now its time for yatzy with the swedes.

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