torsdag 26 januari 2012

failing internet and stupid guys

the poker isn't going as good as we expected.the internet connection been failing again.We are in the middle of a breakdown,should we stay or should we go...and where do we go if we go?anyhow we decided to relax and just study poker until something better comes up.We love this place and the girls don't want to leave we took a coffee and a chocolate cake in town.walked on the beach while the sunset was setting.another car stopped me again,this time an older guy in his 50s  The conversation went down;
guy-Oi,Are you a Brazilian model?I love Brazilian models!
me- No I'm not
Guy-well I love Americans too
me- I'm not American
Guy-where are you from?
me-Im not interested
guy-wow I never been there,can I take you out with my boat or for an icecream
me trying to figure out if he was being ironic or not smiling at him.He took it as an yes and kept on
Guy-where was you from again?
me-I'm Swedish and I'm not interested
finally he understood me and as I saw hes smile turning in too an ugly face I started to move quicker.
guy- Swedish people are so cold,you are no fun
then he drove away. I sighed and kept on walking.Next post will be a guide on how NOT to hit on girls!Now I'm gonna have a glass of wine and is a photo of me and Tie from last week...

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