fredag 27 januari 2012

change of plans and workout

yesterday me and femi went to a really nice cafe by the harbor and talked for hours, we made a workout and cooking schedule, discussed the frustration about our poker situation, made a study plan and then we also made a plan for the coming months. especially what we are gonna do for the summer, we have been writing to many apartments in milan but none has answered. im gonna write to some old friends i have there but if they cant hook us up with a place- we now have a plan b, its called Athens. i talked a lot with a british guy who has been living in greece for 4 years, he lives in Athens during winter and in the summer he works as a travel guide in the greek islands. i told him about our situation and that our goal from may to november is to live somewhere the living is cheap but nice and play a lot of poker so we can save up a  lot of money, here in south america we have been spending too much and working too little. he told me that athens was perfect. he is gonna check with all the people he knows in athens and see if he can find a good place in a good area with great internet. feels good with something different since we've been going to italy every year for 4 years in a row. besides, I've head greek people are really nice and the food is wonderful!

today i went out for a run by the beach followed by some situps and pushups, femi did some yoga and then we had breakfast with the girls. now its time for some poker studying!

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