måndag 30 januari 2012

fire in da house

yesterday we just took it easy and chilled in the sun. in the morning we prepared a bone broth soup (http://www.jadeinstitute.com/jade/bone-broth-health-building.php). the soup is supposed to boil for at least 10 hours, up to a week. you basically boil the bones to extract the gelatin and minerals in them and then you make soup with eat, its veeery healthy! anyway, there is always a risk it will boil down so you have to keep adding water to it. so we went there every other hour and filled it up. in the evening we went and had a cup of tea at juans cafe and coming back we totally forgot about the soup, around 3 am a girl ran from the kitchen screaming, apparently the water had boiled down and the bones set on fire. seba ran in and threw water on it, and the only thing left was completely black bones, a ruined crock pot and a one meter high black mark on the wall. now we know never to boil bone broth in a hostel again..

today femi is away on a little trip, she's coming back tonight. the girls have been playing some dart and i've been studying. later im probably gonna go and surf with a friend, never done it before so it will be interesting! now its time for yatzy with the swedes.

söndag 29 januari 2012


pau gave you an update on last night so I'm not gonna write that much about it,however the party was great!I'm gonna give you some pictures instead,as usual we forgot to use the camera as we should...but Jenny managed to take some nice pictures..Today I was at the golfclub eating with a friend, grilled fish with lemons...now we are cocking a soup and tonight we just gonna chill.tomorrow I will be away on a small road-trip down the uruguayan coast...

they day after..

yesterday was really fun! by far the best party night we've had in punta! okay nothing can top new years but its not far behind. we went to a restaurant in town and had a meaty dinner and then we went back to the hostel to start getting ready for the party. since its about 80 girls staying here all the bathrooms were occupied, but since we are buddies with the owner, who has moved in to room number 1 (the only room with its own bathroom and a double bed) he gave us the key so we could have some privacy while we got ready. 

around midnight people started dropping in and by 2 the whole place was packed. all of us girls were running around in different places, now and then when our paths crossed on the dance floor we stopped to shake a little and then we continued to run around and talk to people. people really went all in, jumping into the pool and setting off fireworks from the roof. we had another one of those "lets keep it anonymous" finish to the night: the first one to go to sleep walked around talking to herself for a while, then turn to us and said "im just gonna rest my eyes", got to bed and completley crashed with both her eyes and mouth half open, one never went to bed and has been awake for 26 and a half hours, one disappeared around 3 and has not been seen since, one was chased by a crazy uruguayan so she hid in the kitchen, out of boredom she opened the fridge and ate a 600 g port salut cheese getting so full she couldn't continue partying, the fifth and last to bed is still sleeping and will surley be hangover when she wakes up...

now we're waitning for the team to gather and then we'll go have a coffee to gossip about everything that happened last night. 

lördag 28 januari 2012

all in party

tonite there's a party in the hostel,the owner one of my close friends is turning 25. There are 300 persons invited but hopefully all of them is not coming..tonight all the girls that are staying here stays for free...fun, or not!so the place is overcrowded with girls..and the few guys staying here all have big smiles on their faces;)soon we are off to eat some food and drink some wine,the evening is starting!

fredag 27 januari 2012

change of plans and workout

yesterday me and femi went to a really nice cafe by the harbor and talked for hours, we made a workout and cooking schedule, discussed the frustration about our poker situation, made a study plan and then we also made a plan for the coming months. especially what we are gonna do for the summer, we have been writing to many apartments in milan but none has answered. im gonna write to some old friends i have there but if they cant hook us up with a place- we now have a plan b, its called Athens. i talked a lot with a british guy who has been living in greece for 4 years, he lives in Athens during winter and in the summer he works as a travel guide in the greek islands. i told him about our situation and that our goal from may to november is to live somewhere the living is cheap but nice and play a lot of poker so we can save up a  lot of money, here in south america we have been spending too much and working too little. he told me that athens was perfect. he is gonna check with all the people he knows in athens and see if he can find a good place in a good area with great internet. feels good with something different since we've been going to italy every year for 4 years in a row. besides, I've head greek people are really nice and the food is wonderful!

today i went out for a run by the beach followed by some situps and pushups, femi did some yoga and then we had breakfast with the girls. now its time for some poker studying!

torsdag 26 januari 2012

frustration and exercise

the day started out great. i woke up with a lot of energy, they changed my mattress last night so i finally slept well for the first night since i got here. i found my ipod, put my trainers on and went for a long powerwalk, wich later ended up as more of a "shopping walk" and resulted in a bag of clothes from my favourite store here in punta.. i felt far from done when i left the place, if we have a big win at conrad casino i know where im going :) when i got back i met up with the girls and we went to get a coffee in town. the conversations regarded as usual guys, travelling, sex and how nice our life is in general. when we were done we went to buy fedes birthday present (there is gonna be a huuuge party at the hostel on saturday and there's about 300 people coming) and then we went back to the hostel. i did some push/pull ups until my muscles were hurting and then i felt done and pretty satisfied with todays exercise. the rest of the day wasnt as nice..

as femi wrote the internet is really bad here, so bad that the poker has been costing us money instead of earning (more or less). we decided to only play one tournament a day instead of the usual 20-23. the one tournament we play costs about 60 euros and the first price is 2000 e. we sat down and happily signed up, i had a good run and won a lot of pots so i was in the top 5 the first hour. after that internet started failing, every five minutes it shut off and we could'nt play any hands. femi busted out and i managed to get lucky and hit QQ in between a interruption so i doubled my stack. after being offline and unwillingly folding both AA and AK i finally got online again, my stack had been grinded down to the bottom and i was number 27 out of 29 (with two players left to bust out, number 26 and down gets a price, last place pays 150 euros) im just waiting for a playable and praying for internet to work. apparently god does not exsist or i hates me because when i was about to push all in internet fails and does'nt start working for a long time. when it turned back on i saw that i went out as number 27.. obviously poker is not gonna work here so we are gonna spend 2 and half weeks just studying hard, working out hard, have time off in the sun and party with the girls.

now tie is yelling at me for sitting at the computer. she want's me to join her and drink outside, appartenly she has got herself into a situation where she is surrounded by 7 guys wich is one to many to handle haha.

failing internet and stupid guys

the poker isn't going as good as we expected.the internet connection been failing again.We are in the middle of a breakdown,should we stay or should we go...and where do we go if we go?anyhow we decided to relax and just study poker until something better comes up.We love this place and the girls don't want to leave either.today we took a coffee and a chocolate cake in town.walked on the beach while the sunset was setting.another car stopped me again,this time an older guy in his 50s  The conversation went down;
guy-Oi,Are you a Brazilian model?I love Brazilian models!
me- No I'm not
Guy-well I love Americans too
me- I'm not American
Guy-where are you from?
me-Im not interested
guy-wow I never been there,can I take you out with my boat or for an icecream
me trying to figure out if he was being ironic or not smiling at him.He took it as an yes and kept on
Guy-where was you from again?
me-I'm Swedish and I'm not interested
finally he understood me and as I saw hes smile turning in too an ugly face I started to move quicker.
guy- Swedish people are so cold,you are no fun
then he drove away. I sighed and kept on walking.Next post will be a guide on how NOT to hit on girls!Now I'm gonna have a glass of wine and relax.here is a photo of me and Tie from last week...

tisdag 24 januari 2012

why drink and drive when u can smoke and fly

I think the rest of this week will be largely made up with tons of cappuccino and poker,or it's at least my intentions.feeling that I have a firm enough hold on myself that I at least can try to skip the pity eating of chocolate.Today I played 4 tournaments while listening to the poker pro Alans tips of the week.again I'm even out in poker,Pauline had a great start,2nd place in the 7.5k isn't that bad. Today I got a marriage proposal from an Brazilian guy while he was driving. It seems to be the new way to hit on girls here in Punta,just take a round with the car and hopefully be driving by a hot babe on the street. after declining nicely for about 10 minutes he finally got the point and turned and drove away.I had much more interesting things planned for my day,poker,skype date and yoga:)

måndag 23 januari 2012

study day

today internet has been failing us tremendously so we have been studying instead. the girls just went to get some surf lessons and the sun is shinging, it doesnt feel awesome sitting inside.. i went for a walk earlier and then i went to the store and bought everything i craved: smoked salmon, goose liver pate, sauerkraut, yogurt, goat cheese, roasted seaweed, tuna in olive oil, canned sardines, nuts and eggs. i doubt that the food will be left alone though since we're living in a hostel and people have been stealing from the girls since they moved in here but i'll try to hide it as well as possible haha.

now im gonna make a lime drink and then get back to the studying.

söndag 22 januari 2012

sunday music

rainy days

we are alive,just haven't had time to post anything of interest for some time. Today is the first rainy day in punta since we arrived.So today we been multitabling,wich seemed to be a terrible choice on a rainy day.everyone gathered here,around us,talking,screaming until a point when we just looked at each other and gave up. needless to say,the poker went under expectation and I literally want to kill anyone who just looks at me now. A new super duper headache in the coming and a desire for anything sweet doesn't make this a ideal scene..so I give you a photo of us from a better day,far away,long time ago.

lördag 21 januari 2012


I know by the end of the night,early morning,I'm going to be pretty tired. We been chilling at the hostel the whole day. drinking sangria and sunbathing topless on the back of the garden.I'ts been a pretty day,no poker no work!Tonite Pauline is coming back from her brazil trip. We are going out to dance and have some glasses.Impossibly high heels,painted faces and summer dresses!I will tune in tomorrow with an update!

fredag 20 januari 2012

hostellife and westlife

people always seem to astonish me in every single way.Just the fact that I'm currently living in a hostel,meeting new faces everyday is amazing.even though you could be without some of them.we had a couple of persons worth mentioning here,although the most original of them all was the surfer guy.There was one older Italian man,in his 40s,staying a whole month.Every night he dressed up at the same hour,left for a dinner and then clubbing.you always saw him sitting alone on a chair watching as the girls half his age went by.at the hostel he took every moment he could "accidentally" touching or rubbing an arm as he passed you by.
At the moment there are 3 swedish guys in their 30s living here as well,pumped up to their teeth.One conversation between Therese and one of the guys followed;
guy-this music they play in the bar is shit
T-what kind of music do you like then?
guy-at least they could put on something with backstreet boys or westlife
then it was a 10 seconds quietness and I heard Therese start to giggle.The guy went inside,clearly upset he said to me- whats wrong with westlife,their my favorite band!?
I tried not to laugh but couldn't help smiling...haha omg..later that day he asked me 3 times how to spell couch in english:DI just love the hostel life aha

onsdag 18 januari 2012

pleasures of the moment

it's a relax week for me,grinding and chilling,today I almoust won a seat to the emop prag in 2 weeks...really don't know how I was thinking since I'm on the other side of the earth...but got kicked out just as we where 4 players left.I'm sure it would have been heaps of fun but no logic reason at all...I'm having a too good time here in paradise.last night I ate sushi,chocolate,wine and coffe until I couldn't stand up.. blissfully carefree.I love my life,giving all my friends in a frozen Europe a thought as I'm off too watch a beautiful sunset over a huge ocean.night;)

coffe and movie nights

yesterday finishing my last sessions,went out to have a Cruz and a coffe in Punta. Walked by the beautiful sunset by the beach and watch all lovebirds walk by.although my lovehate against mcdonalds I must admit that they do really good coffe...maybe the best in Punta.everywhere else they just wont stop rosting it with tons of sugar so it's not even coffe anymore. 3 guys sat down at the opposite table,trying to make eye contact. after being ignored for an hours they left,poor things...gosh it's tiring to be a girl;)as we came back to the hostel we talked about how nice it would be to have a movie night.Imagining an inexplicably hot man in underwear laying there...but no,reality always seems to fail us!Instead I got a massage for an hours (not complaining)then I hit bed,alone.

tisdag 17 januari 2012

saturday party!

friday was quiet, so I move on to Saturday which was more efficient. There was a fashion show in the evening at the beach,last minute we decided to go. It appears to me that we all get inspired a little bit too much by the Argentinian time perception.We managed to arrive when the show was finished..a bummer,went back to the hostel and started the evening with a bottle of wine instead. Some friends was gonna pick us up around 00,1.5h later they arrived,needles to say they are Argentinians?!Arriving at the party we head straight to the bar which served free champagne...the party was hosted by 2 brothers with big wallets,near the beach,free alcohol and a private dj and a huge pool...we where happy! 3 swedish girls, a gay couple and 2 skaters...a crazy mix..we all manged to loose each other and I found myself spending mostly of the night laying in a sofabed with one of the gays...as we struggled to stay awake all the people where dancing to house music until the sun came up. when it was time to go the girls where gone. I went with the guys and slept in a bunch bed accombined by loudly snoring from the others...

thursday night with casino and champagne

we got through some rough days here in punta, a lot of partying. It's the high season now until the end of january and ofcourse you have to enjoy it.the mental process after every partynight isn't the best but oh do we enjoy ourselves,this week hasn't been an exception. I played poker from monday to thursday then I spent the other days partying and sunbathing.
so Thursday,after playing I went with a friend to the casino. He convinced me after talking an hour about how fun he had there the night before,I had to try it!Consuming glasses of champagne I ended up playing 2 hours without any luck.We decided to move on,picked up the others. Went to a club and had a huge fight with the bartender about wine,I ordered wine but got a cocktail. after minutes of useless arguing,something was clearly malfunctioning here I?! went to find the owner...finally I got a bottle (mini)with champagne...as the night went on so did my perception of time and soberness...a lot more champagne went down and finally I found myself going back to the hostel singing loudly to bob marley. Didn't take any pictures but at the club they took some...apperently I was really happy and satisfied:)

måndag 16 januari 2012

fernando de noronha

blogging has been a bit off over here at the island, internet is working every other day and we dont spend so much time by the computors.. but now ill give you a quick update before heading to the beach.

we are having a wonderful time here! we rented a car and go to different beaches every day and then we try different restaurants every night, so far we've only eaten seafood. the island has a looot of nature,  about one big road and the village centre has a market and 3 stores - yeah thats about it.

white stripes

sweet mondays

it happens a lot here all the time...I'm gonna write an update soon...right now I'm sitting with my first tournaments for the day.The sun is shining and its 35 degrees C,the girls left for the beach and I'm listening to the white stripes and grinding!

lördag 14 januari 2012

beah time

today we had a relaxed day at the beach,we went to bikini beach which is the biggest party beach.There was a dj playing and a lot of people. Yesterday we went out,spent 2 hours playing at the casino and then hit the clubs...been really tired today so there wont be any party.tomorrow I'm going to the casino again,there is a huge party there sponsored by a famous magazine.I spent 2 hours with the surfer guy I wrote about, explaining how NOT to do while hitting on girls...it's pretty funny he listened to everything,so not a collossal waste of my good advices!we spent the whole day with him and his friends so his not totally helpless.A little boring though now we don't have anything "stupid" to take out our anger on;)

torsdag 12 januari 2012

hostel life

sitting with my first tournaments for the day,just had a egg scramble and tomatoes for breakfast and a session of yoga with the girls.Everything is perfect,I love this place and finally I found a good internet connection.Just one minor problem,an Argentinian guy in his best years desperately seeking  for someone to get into the pants too. Our swedish nickname for him is the "puckot",literally meaning the dumb ass.Hes the typical hot surfer guy without any brains or connection to the reality.Hes a clinger that will stick to you as a fly to sugar. He is creepy,just stars at you until you get so awkward you have to move.He selected me and evelina as hes primal victims,refusing to get the fact that we are not interested.Pushing us against the walls trying to kiss us, screaming our names,taking advantages touching us while talking or passing by..ofcourse the other people are not limited to his attempts...cant wait until sunday when he leaves.

onsdag 11 januari 2012

update brazil

sooo im back in rio again, this time im here to visit the brazilian i started dating when i was here the last time. who was also the reason to my delayed return to buenos aires as i think you could guess. and here i am again. good for me, bad for poker. well at least im studying 1 hour a day :)

i was picked up at the airport and got a very suitable gift - a perfume, not the one i forgot in ba but equally as good. back at the apartment we ordered sushi and did some catching up. yesterday we went to sugarloaf (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugarloaf_Mountain_(Brazil)) to watch the beautiful view and in the evening we went to a restaurant. i had salmon cooked in mascarpone with spinach, it was super tasty but i was to eager to start eating so i didnt take any pics.

we would have gone to the beach today but the weather is'nt too nice so i've been studying and skyping with femi. tomorrow we are heading off to fernando de noronha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_de_Noronha) and we are gonna stay there for a week, dont know how much i will be able to blog, but i'll try to take a lot of photos to compensate!

chau for now


my first working day in uruguay,finally I managed to find a spot in the hostel where to connection works.Tried to sum up myself and play with just 1hour of sleep this night,pretty proud that I still can sit straight up.The reason for the 1 hour sleep is called ;party. We managed to hit the clubs yesterday,found out that a friend was in punta and joined him and his friends.It was a interesting night,Therese bailed out but me and Ewe managed to even hit the afterparty..today I will go to bed early!

tisdag 10 januari 2012

pool,sun and choco

bounced out of the door this morning,taking our day to the limit by trying to do some exercising.It always sounds so nice,but reality always prove us a minor miss calculation.
Last night was a quiet night with tee and water and early to bed finish,the girl on the other hand stayed up with some beer and guys.I always get to tired being in a place like this with sun and people,but I do intend to have some party nights...the internet connection is bad,so bad I can't even play 1 table,we gonna try too intsall another router today,pray to god it will work.
It's just an ordinary day,gonna relax by the pool and work on my tan.Been eating a whole box of swedish chocolates that my friend gave me...yeah lazy days:)theese pics is from our first night out here!

Why we eat the way we do part 2

Here's a follow up of the questions and answers about our diet.

What are the benefits of following the diet?

Fat loss, muscle gain, more energy, less stress, smoother skin, better sleep, healthier teeth, stronger bones, better digestion, more fertility, stronger immune system, slowed aging, control or remission of conditions and diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease, crohn’s disease, IBD, IBS, leaky gut, heart burn, ulcers, … The list goes on. All those benefits can be obtained without calorie counting or portion control. You can see that the paleo diet is much more than a simple weight loss diet, it’s the diet we’re programmed to eat.

Can you give a sample of a day’s food on the diet?
On a typical morning, you can have eggs fried with butter with some bacon and a portion of homemade liver pâté.

For lunch, you can have a big salad with grilled chicken (with the skin), cucumbers, avocado, some berries and a generous quantity of homemade vinaigrette made with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

If you’re hungry in the afternoon, you can snack on some almonds or macadamia nuts or a bowl of berries with some coconut milk.

For dinner you can have slices of delicious grass-fed roast beef with a sauce made with a reduction of homemade stock and the sucs of the dish used to cook the roast. You can serve this with carrots and beets roasted with generous amounts of lard or coconut oil.

How can bacon and eggs possibly be healthy?
If you eat eggs coming from a chicken that was free to graze on pastures, fed a natural diet, not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones and bacon that comes from a pig that was treated the same, both foods are very nutritious, satisfying and healthy.

Egg yolks are full of nutrients as well as omega-3 fat and generous amounts of cholesterol (a good thing). Similarly, bacon is high in healthy saturated fat , which serves many functions in the brain, bones, lungs and just about every cells of the body. Saturated fats should really be your main source of calories.

As for the salt in bacon, know that sodium in an absolute essential nutrient and this is why we like it so much. Granted, it was probably not very abundant for our ancestors and this is why we generally don’t need a lot of it. Having a little extra sodium in the diet than what’s already in the food thus promotes health. It’s when the little bit of sodium becomes a huge amounts that it becomes a problem. The other thing to consider is that sodium has to be in balance with potassium and a Paleo diet with lots of vegetables will be high in potassium.

If you’re concerned about the nitrates in bacon, you can easily find a nitrate-free bacon. Also know that nitrates are a natural compound found in much higher amounts in almost all vegetables.

måndag 9 januari 2012

fresh start!

I'm in my new "office" today,it's 40 degrees Celsius and I'm having a cappuccino listening to tupac.The internet connection is not that good here,so eventually I have to find another spot,but right now I'm to lazy to move.Yesterday we arrived to punta,after 5 hours of traveling.For some strange reason the Argentinian system worked backwards yesterday and we arrived 1.5h before estimate arrival.So,this meant we had to choose between walking 20 minutes with huge bags to the hostel or wait 1.5 hours for our ride.we choose to walk,Ouch. Frustration, a terrible decision!But finally we arrived and found our room and soon olivia my cousin came to join us for a night out before she heads back to Sweden.
we went out last night,everybody got pretty hammered,except me.A healthy start,a good decision when I see everyone today;)We tried to go to a party but being 6 hours too late they didn't let us in,ended up in the harbor dancing to some Argentinian music instead.

last night in buenos aires, rio and punta

the last night in buenos aires was nice, we all met up at the fancy pancy restaurant we never remember the name of and had a huge dinner + some wine. we topped it of with ducle de leche pancakes and some swedish candy our friend jenny brought. here's the only pic we took.

yesterday i was woken up by the sound of something smashing in the bathroom, apparently 3 argentinians had been assigned by the houseowner do destroy the bathtub or something (at least thats what it sounded like). unfortuanetly i was not informed by this the day before and happily put in a overnight conditioner before i went to bed. i asked them how long they were gonna occupy the bathroom and stop demolish the tub, they said they were gonna be there all day and that i was gonna leave them the key before leaving (the girls had already gone to punta). so i had two choises, either walk around looking like i had emptied a can of grease in the hair or simply go to the other bathroom and try to wash the conditioner off in the sink. i chose the latter. no more comments about that.

i packed the last of my stuff and when i was done i had 4 hours until my flight to rio so i met up with niclas to have breakfast and discuss some poker/make a study schedule. after that it was time to hit the airport, i got out, stopped a cab and when i was gonna say the direction i just blanked. there are two airports in buenos aires and i had no idea what the name of my airport was. i took a wild guess, said "el pequeno aeropuerto" and just hoped for the best. luckliy he took me to the right one and i was well in time. after passing security i got right into a big shop and conviced myself i was worth some treats after a such hard working week. i went straight to the perfumes and picked my favourite, amor amor by cacharel. feeling pretty satisfied i went to my gate to wait, then i realized i had a couple of hundred pesos left and that hard working week came to my mind again. i went back to the shop and bought a mascara and a bodylotion for victorias secret. after that i went back to my gate really satisfied. at the plane right before take off i noticed that one of my bags were missing, i had forgotten the bag with the perfume. shit.

anyway the flight went well and i managed to sleep the last hour. ill write an update about brazil later, i havent heard anything from femi but im sure she'll write a nice post about punta and their trip over.


lördag 7 januari 2012

check out and le ble

we just got back from le ble, we wanted to make our last breakfast together in buenos aires a little special. usually they have a huge brunch buffet but of course they didnt serve that today. instead we all ordered eggs, bacon, sausage and a huge cappuccino. we've been talking about life, travelling, boys and how nice this year is gonna be.

now we are waiting for the housekeeper to come so we can do our check out and then we are all gonna go and get waxed, do a little shopping and enjoy the last of buenos aires. tomorrow we are gonna go our separete ways for 10 days and we're not gonna see our brother for a while so tonight we are gonna have dinner at our favourite restaurant. 

now me and femi are gonna decide who's gonna bring what clothes etc. (its not easy sharing a wardrobe and travel apart).