fredag 30 december 2011

after gossip girl i got up and did some yoga and then took a loong bubblebath while i played loud music and sang (having the apartment to yourself and being alone is underrated). breakfast today was ham, cheese, butter, liverwurst andsome brazil nuts.

instead of morning coffee i went to starbucks for an afternoon coffee. thats where ive been sitting until now, trying to focus on studying poker wich went well until the last halfhour when 5 testosterone-fueled teenage guys disdurbed me.. at first they were talking about me and taking sneak photos then they tried to get my attention and yelled every word in german (?!) they knew. i requted with the most efficent yet powerful thing to do in these situations: complete ignoration. before i left i walked over to them (after spending some minutes trying to figure out the correct words and how to get the most perfect spanish dialect i could) and said  "if you want a photo of me, just ASK and for your info im swedish" i aslo added a word called boludos in the end, i guess the proper translation would be idiots. they all got quiet and looked down on their feet and i felt pretty awesome. 

i just heard from femi and she is gonna arrive in uruguay at 7. the guy we are going with called me earlier and said that we are leaving sometime between 8 and 11 tonight, so i guess we'll be in the car and on our way around 12 :)                                                          

now im gonna cook some food and then ill play some poker until we leave. i dont know if we are gonna have time to update when we're in punta, if not we'll be back by monday!

happy new year!

good morning, god morgon!

i just woke up to the sound of birds singing and it looks like the sun is shining, i think this is gonna be a good day.  im in a better mood than i was when femi woke me up at 6 to go open the door for her.. me tie and eve are going by car to punta, everyone didnt fit so femi are going with the ferry.

now im gonna watch an episode of gossip girl and after that i think im going to a café to have breakfast or at least morning coffee.

here is a feel good song thats great to start the morning and the new year with.


a day of poker and tiredness

just finishing up my last tournaments and soon me and femi are gonna watch a movie. not that much has happened since my last post, just made some dinner and played a lot of poker. here's some pics of what i cooked and what our grinding-space looks like. dinner today was grass fed beef with tomatoes and mushrooms fried in butter and some sauerkraut.

et voilá!

don't trust argenitinians

I have an insane trouble concentrating while playing poker,my mind wanders to every little stuff I can think of except poker. Today my throat hurts,my body temperature rise to the point that  I'm blushing all day long. ( I kill myself if I get sick before new years) This night we slept,the 3 siblings in one small bed... woke up looking a little confused at each other then remembered the meeting with the journalist and ran off to the cafe. The owner recognizes us now,today we actually had a full conversation and he carried a chair for me. It's nice,I like to be treated like one of the VIP regulars.
we had big plans for tomorrow,we where going with a friends friend in car to Uruguay.,until he wrote me that there wont be space enough. I'm not surprised,Argentinians!? One thing I learned this year is NOT to trust Argentinians. A second thing I learned is that karma really gets back to you. A third thing is if you want something bad enough,you CAN get it!
Pauline already gave u an update bout yesterday and also some pictures...this one is my favorite...looks like I have a mustache ehe:)

torsdag 29 december 2011

party, hangover and photos

the interview went really well! when we got back to the apartment we cleaned up and prepared for the party.                                            
me and niclas before the interview yesterday
i (pau) cooked dinner for me and femi,fish fried in
butter with eggs and sauerkraut. 

then we started to drink wine and play some cardgames, waiting for the guests to arrive. as the place filled up we played some drinking games and listened to music/played giutar. after the preparty we all went out to asia de cuba where we danced until the sun came up! not naming any names but one of us girls had a little make out session haha.                                    

today we met up with the girl who interwieved us yesterday to take some pictures for the magazine, drinking until 6 in the morning yesterday was maybe not the best of ideas.. 

breakfast today was scrambled eggs with salami, tomatoes, 
cucumber and sourkraut. 

now its time for poker! below are a bunch of pics from yesterday.


onsdag 28 december 2011

interwiev and a day off

as femi told you this morning this wednesday is a little special, usually it looks like this(like any other weekday): we get up around 11, go for a class of yoga, hit the ecological market before making breakfast, do some pokerstudies and then we start working around 15 and then we finish work about eight hours later. and then every other night we either go grab a decaf at starbucks or go to a place called plaza serrano for some afterwork drinks.

today is different. we woke up at 11, femi yelled "are you girls up for some yoga?" me and tie yelled back at the same time "nooot today" (tie had her stomach as an excuse, i had none) and femi replied "ah i cant either my ehh, head hurts.."

at least i managed to get my butt out of bed, away from gossip girl and on my way to the ecological market. once i arrived i realized there was no point in grocery shopping since i had food for today and tomorrow and then we are leaving for punta on friday. shit. anyway i wanted to do a good deed and help a hardworking farmer so i bought a bunch of eggs. so breakfast today was an omelett with a whole lot of cheese and butter.

when i got back evelina and tie went to get their nails done while me and femi chilled and waited for our brother, the three of us are gonna do an interwieved for one of the biggest magazines in sweden. we are going to talk about our lifestyle and the unsual job of being a pokerplayer. 

right now im already at the café we are gonna have the interwiev. i felt like having an hour by myself, drink a decaf cappucino and study some poker. (i have a lot of catching up to do after rio).

we'll be back later with an update about the little random party we are having tonight!

some pics from the moment, you cant really se the café but its a really nice french-styled place called Le Ble. we go here a lot.

tchau brasil

its been a while since i've written (pau) and a lot has happened. rio was wonderful! me and the girls spent the days on the beach (yeah we also did some touristic stuff like sayin hi to jesus) and in the evenings we had dinner and we squeezed in some nights of partying as well. the rainy days were spent at starbucks. the late date i wrote about in my last post was kind enough to let us stay at his place for the rest of the stay and i decided to extend my vacation in rio for about one and a half week, the girls went home a week before me. my last week consisted of even more beach-time and lovely dinners and i even managed to play a little poker. unfortionetly i didnt have a camera but ill post some pics the girls took!

chilling days

yesterday I took a day off,went to the supermarket,hairdresser and the laundry. We spent some time on plaza serrano eating ice cream and drinking water (saving us for today). Today me and P have a interview with the swedish reporter.Later we gonna have a party in the apartment. The plans for new years is Punta, my 3rd year in a row:)otherwise it doesn't seem to be happening too much,one of us girls got a body call last night (no names)the uploader doesn't work so can't put up any pics...

måndag 26 december 2011

year 2011

2011 is running out,it's strange,another year has passed since we where living in BA in a small french apartment without aircon. A year!It's weird,guess I'm supposed to reflect on all the typical things that I learned and saw this year now?should I?wiser,learned a lot, ?Naaa,I can say I'm happier,I found friends for life, I found the meaning of many things and I finished relationships that was running out. I could review my year for you,but it's filled with up and downs,just a marginal been put in text in this blog. I can say I been busy,I been living many peoples dream, I've been through weird,bad,good,strange,fun stuff...a conclusion it's been a mess. As a friend once told me; youre a hot mess, I guess I am are instead some pictures to conclude this year.
1.JANUARY,became single,went on vacation to Punta del este,spent hours in the casino drinking champagne and gambeling
2.FEBRUARY,mum came to visit in Buenos aires,we went to Bariloche on vacation.I became a brunette!

3.MARCH,we left BA went to USA and I saw vegas for the first time and all the best players in the world.

4:APRIL,back in Sweden playing poker and meeting friends I haven't seen in a long time
 5.MAY spent more time with friends,went to my mum in south of sweden and celebrated 1st of MAY in Lund!Went to Bulgaria to play my first emop tournament!

6.JUNE,celebrated the graduation of friends,went to Milan for vacation and meet someone special.Went to Peace and Love festival and saw the big icon and inspiration BOB DYLAN

 7.JULY,wonderful vacation in sweden, we moved out from our old house,I went to Germany and austria for the slowfood project.Went to Mallorca on vacation.

8.AUGUST,had a crazy crayfish party,saw more friends I havent seen for a long time

9.September,family time and Poker in south of sweden
10.October,went to Holland for 2 weeks,left for Buenos Aires
 11.November,playing poker,partying in Buenos Aires

12.December...celebrated christmas argentinian way,went on a weekend to Colonia and spendt time with mydear cousin

christmas argentinian way

yesterday,Christmas eve,the day where we in Sweden celebrate Christmas. The rest of the world does it on the 25th but Swedish people are a little bit special!We watch donald duck,eat meatballs and nuts and dance around the Christmas tree,we get to be kids again.It's a beautiful tradition and the only time a year were you gather everyone together and get drunk and watch cartoons.
Anyway,since we are stuck in Argentina,we can't have our traditional Christmas,but yesterday we got invited to celebrate it Argentinian way.  We spent hours of eating food,with grandmothers,cousins,fathers and brothers until we couldn't move. We drank wine,champagne until we couldn't stand up.And topped it with dessert, ice cream,chocolate cake, fruit salad,nuts,chocolate and nougat.Wow,after the dinner we opened the presents and then I crashed in the sofa...couldn't move for the rest of the evening. The other woke me up when it was time to leave. We waited for taxi for an hour until we realized we will have to walk home. 2 hours later I crashed into bed and sleept for 12 hours.
Right now the others are preparing for dates and drinks and stuff...I found my place in bed and gonna stay here until middle of next week I think...
this is from yesterday;)