tisdag 29 november 2011

it's a beatiful life

after running around town in 35 degrees sweating we managed to be in time for 2 meetings...both the agencies are interested and wants to sign us.It's fun, will see what happens since we are living in argentina where they love to talk;)
just had a raw beaf and will try to rest a little before hitting town!Tonight we will celebrate 5 things!
1.we got another extra job!
2.It's Paulines birthday
3.We are leaving for Uruguay in 2 days,the others to RIO
4.We got 2 extra days in this apartment because of all the bad circumstances that happend(oh yes we put in a lot of feeling sorry for me speaches)
5. Just becuse we are so happy and satisified with our lifes and everyday we meet so much interesting and amazing persons!

cheers,a chardonnay for that!kisses
heres a pic of me I found from the yacht party

distcance wantings

now here's away too look at it,it's not always a bad thing too be away from the persons you care about.

birthdays and explotions

it's Paulines birthday,usually it's a rainy and cold november day,but today the sun is smiling at us.She is still sleeping I'm wide awake,woke up from an explosion in the kitchen...forgot that we had the broth soup cooking over night...apparently it cooked a little too much so there was no soup left at all:/
today we gonna go out and eat a birthday dinner with the others.But first we have 2 meetings to attend.."surprisingly" they cancelled the meeting yesterday (argentina!?)

she hasen't changed that much in the last years...

måndag 28 november 2011

raw steak and eggs

yeah you heard me! since we agreed on having a complete raw food week (but non of that "raw vegan" crap) we decided to start out with raw steak and raw eggs. it wasnt as bad as we expected it to be, but it is gonna take some time toget used to.

anyway, we felt very primal and just as cool as this dude while we did it.

pretty meetings and starbucks

leaving in a couple of minutes for a meeting and then a walk in town and a coffe!Today is another beatiful monday in BA!chau

christmas lights and raw food

Today we light the 1st of 4 candles in sweden,it's called "första advent" and it's a beautiful tradition,where the last candle is lighted on christmas eve. Unfortunately we neither have candles or Christmas feelings here...it's 23pm and 25 degrees outside.Today we been laying in bed grinding all day long,came on 25th place in the sunday special but overall it's been a bad pokerday. Lost 5 times with AA!?!
Tomorrow we will start our detox week only eating raw food...will be interesting how it will work out...was reading a blog where a girl been on that diet for 5 years,and she haven't been sick at all.Note,we just gonna try it a week:)
so long!

söndag 27 november 2011

brekky and greys

we just finished an episode of greys anatomy, we've really got hooked on that show. todays breakfast was sardines and eggs for pau and fullfat yoghurt with almonds and strawberries for femi. today we are gonna have a hardcore workingday, just signed up for the first tournament and the last one starts in 8 and a half hours.. pheew. but its nice beeing back on track for real after a couple of days of unwanted vacation (i.e. no internet)

veggies vs meat and butter

unwillingly grounded and titanic

okay so femi wanted me to tell you guys about my wonderful evening.. since we have been out quite a lot lately and we have had a stressful week and i knew that i would have our awesome apartment to myself i decided to stay at home and have a date over instead of shaking all night long.

so after a good pokerday (+1000 euros) i put on a freaky movie called "the fourth kind" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1220198/ and waited for the guy to arrive. Half an our later the doorbell rang and i went to the buzzer-button to open, only, the door would'nt open. I grabbed the phone and asked him to push harder, it didnt help. Ya ok fine, ill just throw down the key.Then i had a moment of realization, femi took our only key when she left. So let me tell you a little something about argentinian street doors, you cant get out without a key. Yes i was in a quite tricky spot here.. I went down to the groundfloor to explain the awful situation to my date, luckily i could open the window of the groundfloor door, it has bars so you cant jump out or in through it. Well at least we could talk. We spent a couple of minutes discussing what options we had, either have a date with a door between us having deeptalks about life, work and politics (not so awesome), him climbing up to my balcony (absolutley impossible) or me climbing down (even more impossible) so yeah, there i was, locked inside my own apartment, a hot date outside and not even a little comfort-food or wine to drown my sorrows with upstairs. Well that was it, he went back to his place and we decided to give it another go tonight instead. I went up and put on titanic. I cried like baby and then fell asleep having had the worst night in a long time..

lördag 26 november 2011

buenos aires meats french riviera

left pauline home and went out with the other girls. started the night with a bottle of wine and as much as you want to eat buffe at siga la vaca...arrived 5 minutes before the list closed and managed to sneak in ...can understand if everyone inline wanted to kill me...inside we ordered a bottle of champagne. the boat was beatiful,the party great and a lot of eyecandy...loved the fact that the party was on a yacht:)stayed until the sun came up and been paying for it today with another chandom headace,but it was totally worth it!
I will let Pauline describe her night later on,was not as she expected;)hehe

first post by pauline

ok so i promised femi that i was gonna start blogging as well so here we go, my first post :) dont know how much my sister has written about me but i can start by telling you that me and femi are very alike exept some years age difference, but we often pass for twins. im a professional poker player, my absolute favourite things to do is travel, eating real good food, listen to good music, dessing like a hippie, deeptalking with my sister, practicing yoga, enjoy nice nights out with friends, talking poker with my genius of a brother and spend summers in italy drinking cappuccinos and dating hot italians. about food, me and femi eat a paleolithic diet wich means no bread, no beans or legumes, no refined sugars or candy of any kind. its a high fat and low carb diet based on organic meat, a lot of animal fats, omega 3 rich fish, as well as organic and ecological vegetables. yeah pretty much the food our ancestors ate, exept we do enjoy fullfat cheeses ,butter and yoghurts too. and once in a while we treet ourselfes with a nice dessert, we both have a weakness for chocolate.

anyway, we have a pretty special lifestyle with the work we have and i guess our diet is pretty uncommon as well so we were planning on highlighting this in the blog and share photos of what we eat and do during a typical day.

ah well, i guess that will do for an introduction of myself!

fredag 25 november 2011


9,30 the doorbell rings, the electrician shows up ( only 20 h late)..no choice but too open,P is laying half dead just mumbling some strange words.. after locating where the remote and where the 2nd part of the aircon is,he press a hitten button on the aircon and voila it works...just had to pay 390 pesos for it...well, the landlord will compensate for it,just funny how he can overcharge soo much for pressing a button...it's the argentinean way I guess.

haven't been playing poker for 6 days...all this drama and moving been taking it worse on me. Will start tomorrow,have a lot to catch up.
now gonna eat breakfast,eco yoghurt,berries and nuts and a cup of green tea..lchf ofcourse.


it's 23pm and 30c outside...and we still don't have aircon...im dying here..tonight we decided to stay home and party tomorrow instead.
one funny thing that happend yesterday,there was a girl that came to see the apartment,she might rent it after us.turns out that she is a swedish journalist and she wants to do a interview with us about our lifes as pokerplayers:)


just came back from a day in the city...pauline went to the hairdresser,3hours!was so bored waiting that I fell asleep in a chair..but she looks really pretty,very blond now.
yesterday we had a girls night out. we meet up with the other girls in a bar and just as we sat down the waiter came with a bottle of champagne...some guys from another table gave us it as a present...yey,things were looking bright...we drank champgane and giggled.later on we went to asia da cuba and danced the whole night through...a perfect night,maybe one or two glasses too much of vine but perfectly fine.
since there was no warm wather at all in our apartment I haven't washed my hair in a looong time...so I didn't look my best but funny enough me and P was scouted by a modelagency yesterday...so next week we will meet up with them...gave up that industry a long time ago but they insisted so we just gonna go and see what they have to say.
don't know what to do tonite,but as we are living in the city that never sleeps Im sure there are plenty to do.
and ofcourse I forgot to take pictures...this is from another night.

onsdag 23 november 2011


last night we spend in a strange restaurant,called rave. They had a bed in the middle of the resturant and everything was furnished to look like someones bedroom ,sexy bedroom.The food was good,I ate chicken with spinach and bacon and P a beaf with cheese and salad.we took the usual stroll along plaza armenia and serrano,but didn't find any of interest so we took a taxi home.

tonight we meeting up with the others to have a drink or 2...gonna go get ready now,chau


great food:)


today we been walking around the city.Tried a frozen yoghurt with nuts,it supposed to be the "new" thing here.It was ok,but made out of skinned milk and without sugar,fat..but tasted sweet...really don't want to know what was inside it.Anyway,don't understand why they are so scared of fat,covering the things with sweeteners and strange stuff,not good!people please eat fat,it's the last thing you should be scared of.
did spend some hours in the park aswell,the only bad things about these parks is that they are all full of dog shit.so when the odor got a little bit too much we moved on.

tomorrow we gonna write ourselves into the yogacentre and gym,one month of heavy training and hard focus.have a goal to play 750 games these coming 4 weeks.If I manage to do it I will buy myself a lot of beautiful Christmas gifts:)
a new attribute to my blog is that Pauline is gonna help me writing..we used to have a blog before this one...but non of us was to eager to write on a daily basis so we stopped.But shame the one who gives up.


this is the last time Im complainin at the argentinian way...yesterday we waited all night for our new landlord to show up.after 3hours we understood that she wasent gonna show up.No internet,no warmwather,no gas and no aircon wasen't directly overwhelmed with things to do..managed to find some movies and wasted 1.5hours on one of the most crappiest movies I ever seen.Dont see without men,it's more value doing dishes or ironing for a couple of hours.

but we sure have a nice apartment;

tisdag 22 november 2011


since we don't have internet in the apartment yet,we are spending some xtra time at starbucks...usually it's nice.But in the one we like best there are some homeless kids running around...they usually don't bother that much but today one of them decided to sit next to us staring (really staring)for an hour or so...trying to make contact with pauline without any success...it's not easy when you want to drink your latte alone;)
so we be leaving soon I guess..hopefully we will get wifi internet tomorrow!


suddenly we now have a huge 100sq apartment with jacuzzi and american kitchen...It looks like the typical bachelor patch everything in red and black...we love it,just waiting for the gas and wifi internet to be installed and we will inhabit it for the coming 6 weeks.the others came back from the party last night and are now living 25minutes taxitrip away.Next week they are leaving for RIO, and we will be staying alone in BA.can't say Im a little jealous...but Im a hardworking girl so work and focus is the biggest priority now. Yesterday we took a stroll around our new neighbourhood and a guy in a car stopped us. He invited us to a fashionparty at a boat in Puerto madero next friday. Until that Im gonna take it easy,a starbucks, a glass of wine some grinding...

måndag 21 november 2011


so we are officially homeless!gonna spend the following hours on a cafe in palermo with a huge latte thinking over my situation.
days like these you miss your old home,no responsibilities,nothing unexpected.how beautiful wasen't my old house?I miss it soo much now..:(


Im angry,so angry that I can't barely speak...and I have a headace and it's raining,and all my laundry smell mold...fucking shit!
Its the renting agency we where supposed to rent from...after several emails that ruined my day of poker,taking every inch of focus that I had,I endeed up canceling the whole booking, and now left on my own without a place to sleep from tomorrow.
totally raging...fuck em all.
they don't have any customer service at all and the overcharge everything...I would rather sleep on the street than renting something from them....but,being as incredible smart as I am I might already organized a new one,cheaper and direct from the owner!wish me luck...I sure need it.

söndag 20 november 2011


argentinian system go and kill yourself...tomorrow we will check out from this house,and supposed to checkin at our new apartment...today I get an email saying that the owner went on a little trip and wont be back until tuesday...unbelievable...it's like when I booked a 4star hotel last year and the called and said that the changed to a 3star hotel and I just have to pay 100 bucks extra a night....I mean,in what world are they living?ok,I need a coffe now.chau

lördag 19 november 2011


the perfect remedy ; starbuckscoffe+chocolate+desperatehousewifes+grinding+aglassofwine.
and Im set.


just woke up,skipped yoga today and gonna lay in bed just being lazy.yesterday I split the 1st prize in the biggest tournament on entraction,oh my god did it feel good...after days of even out play.
today half of the group are moveing to another apartment, then taking the bus 7hours to hit a birthday party.me and p are staying home. she have a date tonite and as usual Im gonna spend hours infront of the computer grinding. finally things are looking bright. I cashed out a bigger salary this month than in a long time, got a message yesterday that made me smile, the weather is great, we got a new apartment and soon I will have a mini vacation in a 5star hotel.

so it doesn't matter that I walked around half of the night this thursday shoowing my butt...jag bjuder på den;)
 or that the only picture we managed to take was on the toilet floor,one moment later we all fell down it aswell

fredag 18 november 2011


was looking at some of the pics from yesterday...haha it's pretty funny the difference from then to now...this is me today;)think I be staying home tonight.


yesterday...after watching a naked robert pattinson on cinema we all agreed it was time to get out and enjoy the nightlife of BA. We drank a lot of champagne before going out...it was fun,crazy and just the 4 of us girls.we endeed up in a club where transvestites and other strange people where danceing on the stage....it was like another world,we all danced along until I was so tired I cudden't stand up anymore...Tie my blond little beatiful crazy friend,still havent got to bed...she found something really interesting and stayed up with him all night.

Im still in bed,going to grind today...
yesterday me and p

torsdag 17 november 2011


swedish,lisa ekdahl


no poker on the scedule for today... yesterdays dinner was delicious,the meat was fantastic and the service great. But the most expensive place in BA for sure,so it's not something to make a habit out of.

soon Im off to have a coffe,the sun is shining and it's like 28c outside. Today I will be going to the cinema for the first time in....wow...hard too remember...yeah almoust a year.the time goes fast,last time was here in BA with my x.it was actually in the same cinema come to think about it...remember I was starveing afterwards so we took the nearest place to eat and ended up on mcdonalds with a bunch of homeless people next to us...haha not the typical date:)
found this picture,from that day actually...


i'ts hard when you are inbetween,you don't feel like going out,don't feel like staying home...don't feel like much,but feel like somethings gotta happen...hmm thats kindof how im feeling,in between. We are going to laslilas tonite,it's one of the best restaurants in BA,heard that it's the favorite of bill clinton;)they have the best meat,only ecological and grass feed animals.

hope it will live up to my expectations!

onsdag 16 november 2011


all these problems,renting an apartment or buying anything electronic etc...is a real mess here...you have to go through such a fuss all the time.took me 30 minutes just to get a phone card yesterday and now while trying to book our new apartment it's been days, back and forth forth getting nowhere...I hate this about argentina.I miss the swedish system and the perfection we have there.....oh.god I miss sweden today:(We ate at a swedish restaurant in the embassy,it was delicious.. another thing that contributes to my homesickness aswell..Today I wouldnt say no to a quick trip back to my sweet home country,but I guess it's only today.tomorrow is a new day.

 niclas and marti eating swedish raggmunk och potatiskaka:)

tisdag 15 november 2011


today was a beatiful day,the sun was shining and the people happy..we drank starbucks coffe in the sun,made an appoinment too se an apartment and got asked to be in BA street style;) (another HA)just came back and half of our group has spanish lessons while the other half is playing poker.today im feeling great and my allergy is getting better,the drugs work.

måndag 14 november 2011


feeling sorry for myself,not only do I have the ugly rashes but also cough and pain in my troat,life isn't easy,luckilly having a job where I can lay in bed while working is helping a lot..listening to phil galfonds videos and trying to stay awake.
not the best monday to say at least.
here is a photo from when we where at the strokes last week,good memories.positive thinking.


swedish artist anders from moneybrother:)


in a week me and P are moving to our own apartment a few blocks away. The doctor strongly recommended me to move since the allergic reaction is because of something in this house.today we will pay the reservation fee and then I will be playing poker the whole day.

this is our new apartment


Its early morning,been trying to sleep for hours,but a bird from hell  been singing outside my room for hours.just signed up to play a 2.5k tournament on entraction insted.was reading what to avoid on my medecine the doctor gave me.here is a list to avoid
-sun-sex-alchol-heavy exercise-food that could cause allergic reaction such as nuts,gluten,diary products,exotic fruits....
I mean, come on I better off as a nun.
some nice side effects;
rashes (in a place you can only dream off),headace,migrain,nasea and feeling a bit moody and irritated....
nedless to say,im staying home this week.





friday we went to club tequila, one of the most populare ones last year when we lived here.we started the evening with some drinking at plaza serrano and headed around 02 to the club... noone inside,totally empty except us 4 girls...we werent allowed to go out on the terrace or to sit down by a table...so the only option left was the barhang...that we all hate...standing there looking silly we started to drink a lot to compensate for everything...I drank a lot of chandom and suddenly I realized that the club was full...the time perception was gone all night...when I woke up in the morning I could barely move..my legs and my ass hurts my mouth dry and a unbelieveable chandom headace.

today wasent a better day,spendt the whole day in hospital because of an allergic reaction to something in the house.apperently the mosqutio bites turned out to be something else than bites...yey just my luck.

lördag 12 november 2011


feeling like i deserve the day after a crazy friday out.not much to say...yesterday i signed up for bluefire poker.been watching phil galfonds videos this morning,must say that it's a big recomendation for all u poker players out there.
here is a picture of him,he is one of the best player in the world.

fredag 11 november 2011


yesterday after being kicked out from another tourney (yeah thats right by a bb) I joined the others sitting by the kitchentable. drank some wine and smoked a little.we went to a bar and drank some drinks, me and P went home earlier...think the others just got home some hours ago...back home I cuddent sleep,so I decided to write,for the first time in many weeks.about the subject that is the hardest to write about.love.sush a hard word/feeling to describe but one of the best if you ever get a chance to feel it.love is letting go of yourself and allow someone else in.love is that feeling that connects 2 persons,the perfection of a connection,no expectations,no hurtness,just wanting what is best for someone else.love is an instant thing. It's either there or not. And it happens so quickly, you don't even notice it first.

I hear the housemaid downstairs,guess she got in time for the first time....so I will have to wake up the others,go for a breakfast in town!

torsdag 10 november 2011


bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb,had a sick bb day yesterday and now see,already kicked out from 3 tourneys,still positive,good vibes;)argghhhh

kk - a9

it hurts


good energy is what we all need,good thoughts good vibes...it's all about feeling your best and be the happiest...life is to short to be angry about injustice of the past.Today I woke up and feelt great and now with this positive feelings Im starting my firsts tournamnets. Maybe downswings is all in my head?If you have negative thoughts then the rest turns out to be negative aswell.I feel inspired almoust a bit in love,it's such an complex feeling...now Im only missing the sea, the sound of the wawes and a certain person by my side,the day would have been perfect.

onsdag 9 november 2011


priority!saying no to 8 dates and having 2 skype dates instead.drinking decaf instead of real coffe,eating desserts on restaurants instead of meals and drinking champagne instead of wather.thats my life right now,and Im happy.