måndag 31 oktober 2011


morning!just finished yoga and now going to china town to buy some fresh fish and coconut milk.The poker is going good,I managed to get out from my downswing.the day started bad with a mosquito bite on my lip and I stepping in dog shit,but now the sun is shining and I got a message with great news from a good friend.AND I got an early cristmas gift from P a white new phone,so nice!

söndag 30 oktober 2011



the house of love or shall I say hooking up is the new name of our small collective...everyones seems to get lucky here except me,I don't mind at all...as long as they are in their own beds.We have a saying that the one whos waiting for something good never waits too long...I willbe waiting around 3 months more...but atleast I know it's really good;)
have a nice sunday!


yesterday was the big halloween party and finally everybody in our house went clubbing together...ok jimmy bailed out of us last minute when he realized he and Pam could get the house for themself...anyway,it was crazy fun and in the company of great people it cuddent get better.we went to a place called liv and the music was great,cumbia and reaggeton.The handed out scream masks and neonlight sticks and we all where dancing and drinking.I was a vampire and had fakeblood all over my face.In the club a guy tryed to have a conversation with me and I wasen't interested.Instead we agreed about 10 minutes talk in exhange of his green wig...thats why the ugly green wig in the pictures.

lördag 29 oktober 2011


the yoga teacher was sick today so I went for some spinning instead,managed 15 minutes then went home.I prefer yoga.
yesterday jimmys girslfriend was here so we all went to a scandinavian restaurant called olsen. Later on marti and another friend joined us all.the food was great but I was dissapointed at the apple cake for desert,and that all the beatiful waiters where gays.

today I will grind a couple of hours andd tonight we will have a previa in our house and then go to a club somewhere.

the pic is of me,jimmy and eric another night..


today is a quiet friday,me and P been party every single day so today we will have a movie night.Maybe watch a movie called big fish (an recommendation from mr penguin that just called)7 of the guys that took paulines number been calling and texting,it turned out to be pretty funny -Im the penguin from halloween or- Im the guy with big hair and 70 costumes...we been laughing a lot..not having a clue wich one is who..Pauline is concidering going on a date tomorrow to see boca and river playing in the stadium. I will be home grinding;)
Yesterday we where hippies at another halloween club...the music where bad but we meet 2 swedish guys that seemed nice...still strange to meet swedish persons on the other side of the earth..
tomorrow we will have a previa (prepatry) here and then go out somewhere.
mr penguin and us haha

torsdag 27 oktober 2011


the halloween party yesterday was crazy,me and P went there and the others went home after some drinks. I was dressed out as a prisoner and P as an indian dancer,for being a last minute costume we where pretty happy.Asia da cuba was packed with people in different costumes and they even had gigantic robots danceing with laser lights. We where danceing a lot and found helium ballons that we took the air out from and laughing until we cudden't breath at our voices.P managed to change number with the riches guy in BA (according to him) he want to invite us to uruguay...concidering he was argentinan I rest my case and believe it first when it happens.It was the best night so far,today is another halloween party,but we will see if we go or not.
Now we are playing poker for some hours.
 at M having some drinks
 and the costumes on,I had Ps number on a sign around my neck,she was not that happy when she discovered that. Had atleast 10 guys writing it down so this will be fun today...poor pauline


playing the last tourney now,today was a good day if you compare to the latest days when I was concidering to convert into a nun.luckilly I won a 2k on entraction so my pokerroll is ok again.

today we walked to the bio and eco market 30 minutes from our house,bought yohurt and vegetables directly from the farmers. we found an charming old farmer that described all the process while making the products he sold.heaven for me and P as we are big suckers for everything eco and fair.(picture from the market,the farmer in the background)

this morning I was outlocked 25 minutes since I forgot my keyes and noone was home.sitting on the stairs I watched different people walking by...suddenly an old man stopped,he told me it was hes 76th birthday.He said that I shouldn't waste my time sitting and waiting for happiness,I should enjoy life. I tryed to tell him that I was outlocked but he loved hearing his own voice so I never got the chance to say anything.he kept on going for 15 minutes until pauline came and opened the door. I said goodbye and he told me that he works around the corner in a mechanic store,and if I ever need advice in life I can just stop by. I smiled and thanked him.I guess hes one of my oldest friends in BA,but he was right. Life is to short to worry about things to happen,you have to make it happen!

today we are going to a halloween party I think,first going to drink some glasses of wine in san telmo.

onsdag 26 oktober 2011


I'm a woman,I don't know what I want,but I can get mad if I don't get it!



Bad pokerdays....nothing fun to write.Just finished the last tourney,at least I didn't loose any money today,but it sucks overall to have downswings.Now Im going to eat at our favorite arabic restaurant.

måndag 24 oktober 2011


worst day in poker history,Im even thinking of changing my proffesion,maybe I should go for a journalist or a veterinarian...If I see more cards I puke,if I hear the word badbeat I gonna convert to a nun.thats how bad Im feeling now.
anywhere but here.

söndag 23 oktober 2011


found one pic from friday,eric managed to take a pic of me when I was drinking the chandon:)haha btw I didn't drink it all myself.we didn't have glasses enough so everyone chared the bottle instead.


today I feel really inspired to talk a walk around my neighbourhood,turns out that gael garcia bernal lives in my hood:)was reading a magazine and saw that he will be staying for a couple of months here...yey,need to get my lazy ass out then.

lördag 22 oktober 2011


just tryed to eat a chili that was too spicy,really don't know why I keep ordering spicy food when I'm hangover...always the same and always ending up with me feeling worse.Yesterday a guy stopped me and P and asked us if we are monogamous or not, he wanted to marry us both...then when we  turned him down he tryed to get my facebook or number for some time...when that didn't work he gave up and told us that we where cold persons...hehe..
now time for poker.ciao


yesterday we had a party in our apartment,it was packed with friends and people we meet in different ways. We played music and danced and drank a lot.It was fun and we all  had a good time,then we decided to go to jet(a club)asusual I managed to sneak in on a list a made up,this time I got everyone else in too haha..the place was packed and the guys were too much as usual.eventually we decided to leave,but cudden't find a taxi.some guys offered us a ride back and we jumped in the car...a misstake ...the guys where a little too happy about having 4 swedish girls in the car and the driver where looking more at us than the road...I had to sit in the knee of a guy that got quite excited too.not fun.but we got home,after 35 minutes (he drove extra slovly just too have time too stare at us)

today we all are quite hangover,so there will be a huge breakfast and then grinding.unfortunaetly I didn't  take a single picture...

fredag 21 oktober 2011


my little sister,my best friend,my soulmate.laying here beside me,in the exact same position.We alway manage to sit or lay exactly the same. We barely fight,we always agree on most things,sometimes she can bother me a little and sometimes she needs a break from me,but in the end we are always there for eachother. I adore her,she is smart,funny and beatiful. She almoust always gets her way and she posess a certain aura that takes your breath away. yesterday she was going to boil eggs,she took the biggest pan and had to wait 35 minutes for the eggs to be ready.by that time she wasen't hungry anymore so she took a cup of tea and we agreed to watch a movie. 10 minutes into the movie the main character is yelling at a blind man,my sister starts to cry cause she thought it was so cruel. I smiled and hugged her and kissed her forehead.I love being a big sister sometimes:)
Now we are going to have a coffe and some manicure and waxing.


bad pokerday...everyone had better cards than me all the time...yepp thats poker,I hate losing strikes,but you can only get up if you hit the bottom.
today we had a coffe and girl talk in plaza armenia and saw the first hot guy since arriving in BA...Now Im gonna eat jumpo prawns and drink some wine. Tomorrow we gonna have a party in our house, wine and singstar hopefully:)

torsdag 20 oktober 2011


went out to have a drink at plaza serrano yesterday after work...where sitting next by a couple that where eating eachother up...usually I don't mind when people make out like that..but theese too...omg,their hands where everywhere and theiry where licking eachother in the face and neck...everyone at the place where looking at them but they only saw eachother...it came to a point where we got too see too much,we paid and left the place...while home I was looking forward to my bed and a nice movie...walk into my room and find my brother and my friend having an ever nicer time than this couple ..that was my limit I close the door with a boom,when they come out laughing I find it hard to smile...me and P just closed the door and put a comedy movie on to make things better.Please keep your hornyness to yourselfes,I have a hard time as it is alreay.thanks.
today there will be grinding the whole day.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011


took the girls to a yoga session this morning..thought that it would be as easy as last time.. but the teacher had one of his most energic days and did everything he could figure out,head stands,crazy jumps haha...being their first class in yoga and in spanish when they don't speak a word,they did great!and suprisingly they both want to sign up for more classes:)
Today we are going to a place that has a lot of outlets and cheap cloths!Need to buy some new training cloths and a yoga mat.
yesterday was a bad day for poker,although I managed to win the late deepstack on entraction...I got kicked out in numberless of other tourneys:/ think my focus was somewhere between Germany and Belgium..
gonna get ready for some shopping now!

isn't this tatto beatiful?

tisdag 18 oktober 2011


I can't put  money into my redbet account,been trying for 3 days now...today is not a good day but
a bad day,my focus is totally off...thinking of completley other things than poker


the girls are here:)tonight we are going to siga la vaca, a huge resturant with a big buffe,everyone pays like 150skr and get wine and dessert and free buffe...a good deal....until that Im gonna grind some hours. I just had breakfast and got back from the gym,so far so good!yesterday I won entry to the sunday 35k and the emop riga final...crossing my thumps for sunday!
Im so happy to spend following months with theese 2 beatys!

måndag 17 oktober 2011


the yoga was great, a little out of shape and confused trying to understand all the spanish words while poseing..the teacher was a guy which is always a nice suprise when the classes are crowded with womens.P was smart and took a place in the back of the room,I stood in front of everyone and ofcourse he saw all the misstakes I did (wasen't that many though)signed up for a month 150 pesos like 250skr:)

now we are grinding,me and P together and the guys in one room each.Now the 10k on entraction started so have to focus!ciao


Im so full,we decided last minute to go out and have a dinner...walked 2 blocks and found an arabic restaurant that had great food!I ate falafel and drank lemon tea...now me and P are gonna watch a movie and the guys are having some baileys and ulf lundell in the speakers.tomorrow 11 a clock I have my first yoga lesson in 6 months:)

söndag 16 oktober 2011


we went to one of the best cafes I been in here in BA so far,the cups where big,the coffe didn't taste like wather with sugar and the invoroment was nice. It took a while to walk though but on sundays the traffic isn't that bad and the weather was nice.
Now we are grinding all 5 of us...sundays are the best days for playing!

Yesterday me and P went to plaza serrano for a glass of wine, the other guys where to hangover still. In 2 days tie and ewe are coming,then we will have a huge party:)

lördag 15 oktober 2011


woke up by the delivery man that came with all the organic stuff we bought this week....ofcourse the only day we could stay in bed and be hangover he comes 2 hours to early...yesterday we drank a lot of wine,luckilly I didn't drink as much as the other guys...me,pauline and marti went to asia da cuba after the winetasting.It was packed with desperate guys that had a little too much to drink...after being asked the same questions over and over we all looked at eachother and decided that it was time to leave...while home the guys had a afterparty and where drinking and singing as loud as they could...
now this morning theres a random guy sleeping on the sofa,someone took paulines wather and tryed to eat my musli but gave up and left it on the table.The sun is shining and Im gonna eat a huge breakfast!
this pic is from yesterday!

fredag 14 oktober 2011


china town is to recommend...everything cheap and healthy!!although I was looking for coconutmilk and came home with goat milk:)I'm home alone,grinding a few sessions before getting ready for the wine tasteing.The place we are going too has a huge selecction of wines from all over the world and is located in san telmo.


woke up to another sunny day in BA,today is gonna be a good day!In an hour we are going to barrio chino,which is the china town in BA...never been there so I'm excited,need to buy coconut milk and other goodies!Tonight we are going out,wine and danceing is on the list!I finally found a gym,5 minutes away that has both yoga session and pilates that goes perfect with my poker playing scedule!Finally I can start my healthy life again...been too lazy theese latest couple of months...

the pic is from barrio chino.


just managed to delete the post that I wrote...so this one will be short.Today was a good day,I managed to get to the money in many tournaments...ok,if I compare with eric that cashed in 2300e today my 1200 suck,but it could be worse!!Im playing the last 2 for the night now, the other guys are out and Pauline is watching a movie..
The plans for tomorrow are winetasting and then clubbing,so tonight I will go to bed after my session!Send you all a night kiss!BESO

torsdag 13 oktober 2011


morning!!woke up first as usual,except jimmy that has to start work at 08...but among the pokerplayers Im first:)been looking at swedish hollywood wifes and drinking tea...gonna try to wake up the others in time to have a coffe at baraka,one of the most popular cafes in BA.



you know the feeling,when you gonna sleep in a new bed,or at least one that is freshly made with wonderful soft sheets....I was looking forward to that...until I saw my new bed,turns out that my brother thought my bed looked really inviting...and invited his "friend" which is also one of my girlfriends here in BA...to sleep over,not once but twice before I came home...hehe, I'm just saying that karma is a bitch ;)u wait!

also there was a garbage man knocking and ringing at our dooor in the middle of the grinding session.Jimmy opened, the only word he can in spanish -SI...so eventually I got there after some further discussion with the man that refused to leave...turns out jimmy promised the guy 60 pesos in exchange of garbage bags,( not easy when you only can say si ;) it was the day of the garbage mens..so I had to give him the 30 extra to make him leave! at the same time I got kicked out in 2 tournaments and got tilted...arghh

further more it's raining and the grinding session didn't go well.Not the best day yet.
here is a bad picture of my bed,but I guess you get the idea.

onsdag 12 oktober 2011


the guys are sleeping in the new apartment,me and pauline in the old one that we gonna check out from today. Yesterday was a busy day,was running around town trying to find a hairdresser and needed to take out cash for the payment of the apartment...in argentina you can only take out like 1000pesos (1500SKR) a day,so we will need at least 5 days more before we can pay the whole apartment..we all got into an argument about planning and money,Im still sticking to my version that they could have planned better, but they are too stubborn.
we where suppose to have the check out in 15 minutes,but one thing that I absolutley adore (well,sometimes)is their time perception here. they called us late last night asking if we would like to check out at 2 instead... 4hours more sleeping,ofcourse we agreed;p

pauline is stilll sleeping,Im not fully returned from my jet lag which means  Im wide awake before 10.00!gonna go out and take a cafe latte now!this pic is taken outside our new apartment.The guy in the background was talking on the phone for an hour walking back and forth, he told hes friend that there where 2 hot russian girls standing beside him taking photos...haha russian!?yeah right.

tisdag 11 oktober 2011


just had a breakfast with pauline and now sitting on our balcony with 25 degrees sunshine:) It's nice to be back,everything is like before...the guys whistling as we walk by,the traffic chaos,the smell the people....yesterday we ate at a local restaurant in palermo,my first bif de chorizo since 8 months!wow delicius!One thing the argentinians know is their meat!
Yesterday we got the keyes to our new apartment, we still have to pay everything in cash though...my dear friends and family here where supposed to pay it and have everything ready when I came...but no,planning isn't their strong side.

now Im off,need a visit to the hairdresser!ciao

måndag 10 oktober 2011


Arrived at BA this morning, was on a freezing plane luckilly sleeping the whole way so the time went fast. Soon I will be going to our old favorite cafe;marks deli in Palermo.Its strange to be back,but BA is kindof my second home now:)


Im not lucky,especially not during travelling..this journey wasen't an exception.Arriving at brussels right in time to be picked out from the waiting line by a suspicius man who thought I was some kind of drugdealer. He took one look at me and niels and then we where doomed. Not only was he satisfied with makeing me pay 150e extra due to cancelllation of my leaving date,he asked 100 questions and made me go through extra visitation. The weirdest questions about me and my relation to niels....after trying to explain my occupation (he laughed when I said I was a poker player) and asked me where my pokercards where? I left the check in...angry and confused,just to find out that he reported me to the guys at the gate. So followed by 4 other guys I was escorted into an extra scanning room and further questions...after 20 minutes there I was the last one entering the plane,luckilly in time to depart 5 minutes later.
my conclusion!FUCK YOU BRUSSELS!

lördag 8 oktober 2011


wonderful!!bob dylan please be more in my agegroup!


some advice how to become a winning player.

- make less mistakes than your opponent
- make the highest EV decicion in any given situation
- turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strenght
- play for the longterm


it's 12.30,im still in bed,have 2 tables running and listening to pimpindonks sit'ngo guide...talking to my friend,he was laughing cause Im still in bed and working...-what a crazy job you have!I laughed too, here I am in Holland in a big house on the countryside laying in a waterbed in a familys house that I only known for a week...-do you think they are thinking of me as a lazy ass? he laughs again- yeah I would...I smile a little but bite my lip...it's a different job it's a different lifestyle,but I really wouldn't want it another way..- did they say anything about it?he asks- nope Im afraid to bore them with all the poker talk and numbers you know..-haha yes I can understand that!we finish our conversation and as I lay down I'm thinking of all the different kinds of jobs we have...doctors,dealers,actors,teachers...and I can't find a single other job that I want more than to be a top poker player.

fredag 7 oktober 2011


it doesn't always have to be that complicated and hard...life is too short to apologizing for the things you never did.


this will be my future home for the next couple of weeks;

torsdag 6 oktober 2011


It's funny to be with someone completley different from yourself,we don't even share my passion for poker but somehow we managed to find eachother very interesting...he has like 100 par of shoes,a wardrobe I never knew a guy that wasen't gay could have and a sence for fashion that makes me feel like an old 80's movie...but maybe  that's what makes it so incredible unpredictable and interesting.
Now time for a movie!night


just started the first tournament and we are back from amsterdam. It was a beatiful city,but unfortaneatly I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted cause of the pain in my throat..we spendt many hours walking,eating,drinking and smoking,as you should do,was great to be there with someone that actually is dutch and knows the good places etc.
yesterday I booked the ticket to BA,I will be leaving on sunday!Now there will be some grinding and some feeling sorry for myself,Ns mum been giving me different medecins and tea with honey so I hope I will be better soon.I just don't want to be sick on the plane,it's the worst feeling ever.

tisdag 4 oktober 2011


morning!we managed to find an hotel in the city centre...yesterday we took a walk in the city,drinking a glass of wine at a bar and then headed back to the hotel.Unfortaneatly my throat is killing me...why do I have to get sick now?
soon there will be breakfast and then I will be acting toursit for a couple of hours.

måndag 3 oktober 2011


Been here for some days now,think I be going to BA on friday,havent booked my ticket yet...will do it soon.Today we will leave for Amsterdam in the evening,ah can't wait!gonna spend 2 days there...always wanted to visit Amsterdam so Im really looking forward to this.
Yesterday was the final day of EMOP barcelona, a friend to my brother came 2nd so Im really happy for him!Now I will grind some hours before Im off to Amsterdam.

lördag 1 oktober 2011


goodmorning,I just had a nice breakfast in the sun,it's wonderful weather here.Yesterday I played like 10 tournaments and won 1 and got to the final tables in 2,a ok day...had to finish earlier and be a little social:)Im alone at N house today so will have to grind some tournaments before he gets back,tonite I think we are going out.