fredag 30 september 2011


just woke up,holland seems nice so far...been around eindhoven a little and yesterday we ate a lot of tapas and Im gonna grind some hours before N is finishing working.The weather is crazy good,it's indian summer and I love it!

onsdag 28 september 2011


breakfast and unpacking and repacking....ahh 8 months and always the same issue of what Im gonna bring..

tisdag 27 september 2011


and tomorrow Im gonna enjoy the company of this beatiful person;)


this is a picture from the weekend in Lund,so fun and crazy with wonderful company!


I been travelling from 8am this morning...and now Im back in my old apartment,gonna stay one night here and tomorrow I be going to Holland:)
Today I worked as a hairmodel for an internet shop that sells clipons and wigs etc. It was fun, me and the photographer got along great and I think he got some nice shots...he gave me his card and asked if I want to work with him again,help him with his porfolio...he also gave me free pictures that the others had to pay for in exchange for using my photos in his I will put them up when I get them.

Now Im gonna grind for a couple of hours,the flight doesn't depart until 19pm tomorrow,but I have to leave from here at 12.30...pahh...yeah thats life...

oh and Im sooo happy to have my coffemachine again,at least for a night ;)

måndag 26 september 2011


packing,waching and now Im gonna cook indian lamb curry....been a busy morning.yesterday I grinded 5 hours and got to many final tables,the poker is going better!
this is my new travelling old one I had to throw away cause of overusing:)

lördag 24 september 2011


and this perky lady is the one Im doing Lund with...don't have a more resent photo of us,since last time I saw here we where both too drunk and to busy danceing salsa and cumbia to have time to take photos.This is from 2007!?haha
in this picture we been danceing aswell,but a thaidance,to raise money fro the poor families in the village where we lived. 


 1 shot for my pain, 1 track for my sorrow, get messed up today, i´ll be OK tomorrow.

Im off to Lund to too see my friend and take a bar round.Woke up today that soemone was staring at me from the window,I screamed but realized quick enough that it was my mum thats been outlocked...haha what a way to wake up.Yesterday I grinded until 3 am so Im a bit tired...gonna hit the shower and then the bus to Lund.

fredag 23 september 2011


yesterday,4 spots way from price in my last tournament,suddenly my internet connection failed out and stopped working...I cant describe the feeling of frustration and anger you feel when something like that happends...every nightmare of a the whole morning I wasen't able to get  internet...until 1 hour I missed out on some tournaments but it's ok,gonna play the last ones instead and now in 1h hour I will enjoy a big buffe and a glass of red wine at afterwork..the only place in this town where you might see a guy in my age..this town is full of seniors and kids:/

now gonna watch two and a half men,rumor has it that achton kutcher is naked in the first episode,can't miss that!

torsdag 22 september 2011


been in malmö all day,just got back and will play the 10 last tournament for tonight with a huge cup of tea...the autumn is here and tonight it was freezing when I walked home,I had the bike at the station but typical me I didn't remeber wich one it was so I had to walk back haha...windy and cold and leaves everywhere,thats why my hair is a mess;)

onsdag 21 september 2011


and the game is on.Been to town,drank caffeine free coffe and ate a huge chocolate cake with extra wipped cream (yeah it's that time of the month)sitting with the first tournament now and more rolling in...

Was reading a blog about breakups and relationships etc..luckilly I don't have that many relationships that gone bad so I don't have to hide everytime I meet my ex's.Last time I randomly run into one of them was 3 months ago,in a cafe. Though it was strange to see him I was glad too see that I this time was able to see all the positive things, I cudden't see when we where together. And how nice it was just talking about other things and persons that now was in our life.It didn't feel strange or weird at all,and I was genuine happy too see him and spend some time with him. There is so much anger and hurtness hidden in many peoples pasts and it's scary to get too know new people and get "involved".


so what to do?Im wide awake and it's morning.


Im up early,been drinking green tea and trying to find a ticket that wont spend a lifetime with stopovers in different cities.But Im not lucky, have to choose between Atlanta 6h or NY 8h....gonna try to look for something else,otherwise I think I will choose Atlanta,cause I already been in NY.

here are some things I could do in Atlantta;
- visit the museum of Margaret Mitchell (the author of gone with the wind)
- visit one of the 52 parks that the city has
- Lenox square (the largest mall in the southeast)
-or just stay at the airport that is as big as 45 footballs fields.

so,I will think about it.Im not overexcited.



last tournament finished,ended up at some final tables but overall Im even out today...if not counting the rakeback that gives me a marginal extra.
going to watch a movie now and relax.One week left in sweden and then I'm off.

can someone please send me a dress like this?It would really be nice.thanks

tisdag 20 september 2011


goodmorning,woke up and saw that I got my shark back on sharkscope...feel a little bit better,would be terrible not to have one while going to argentina, just a matter of principles.

still laying in bed,need to get my lazy ass up and do some breakfast,it's always so strange how accustomed you get with good things,my granddad cooked breakfast every morning for me...and here I am having to do it all myself...buhu.

I just love this pic of my grandad and brother,they just bought some tea in a shop in china:)

måndag 19 september 2011


back from my grandparents house,they relly spoiled me with food and movies and shopping...stayed 2 days basically just laying on the sofa just enjoying myself. was watching old movies from when we where kids and got a little bit nostalgic...the time really goes fast.In about 1 week I will be leaving sweden for Holland and then one week more I be going to Argentina.

here I am as a 2 year old.

lördag 17 september 2011


standing rigt now in a car service office,my mum and her husband just bought a huge car and are doing the last check up and payment...Im bored,been drinking 3 cup of teas and reading 3 magazins...we are on our way to my grand parents that I haven't seen for 4 months.Going to spend the weekend there and my mum are goin to a party in north of sweden.
I love my grandparents they are one of the nicest people on earth.

fredag 16 september 2011


but always look at the bright side of life,no?so Im happy for theese thing;

-95% sure that we found an apartment in argentina( thoose 5% is the knowledge and possibility that southamerican people talk and promise more than they can handle)
-I booked a ticket to Holland
-I'm gonna meet my grandparents this weekend

and finally the sun is shining and the weather is sweet

here is a picture from buenos aires 2009 that I just found,it was a great sunny day,me and my friend was going to different castings..walked by a square where all theese bears was standing,turned out that each country had a bear,so this is the swedish one...ended up auditioning for a commercial with axe the deo and perfume...we had to improvise and pretend that we where being chased by a pig with superpowers...haha well I can say that I didnt get a calback, luckilly i have my poker carrier that goes better:D


this is a sad day for me,I lost my shark in sharkscope...had some really rough days and need to get my focus and my best game back,really don't know what happend:/

torsdag 15 september 2011

onsdag 14 september 2011


first tournament started,a deep stack,my favorite!

going to book the ticket for argentina this week,just need to find a ticket without to many hours of waiting in different airports..normally a trip takes about 16h total,the ones I found takes between 25 to 30?!also the apartments I been requesting haven't answered yet,so typical argentina....hopefullly I will have a place to never know.
my friend send me theese pictures from when he was visiting sweden,it was the same day as we had the crayfish party..the last one is of me danceing on my own in the club...yeah just imagine the state I was in.


grinding 12 hours today aswell,now starts the poker theme with one hour long video about the bubble play,yey I'm not too over excited;)but someones gotta do it!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending


didn't get to price in a single tournament yesterday,the other players where in their worst mood ever,calling eachother a lot of shit...when finally I managed to fall a sleep I had a strange dream,and it gave me a crepy feeling,also managed to bit my lip and to get a huge red mark on my nose cause I cant stop peel of skin after the vacation...yeah its not my day.

tisdag 13 september 2011


 "You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."


Its always been interesting to me how peoples mind work and why they behave in different ways.When I grind I often listen to different lectures online about everything that I can find. This lecture I listened to yesterday,evolution,emotion and relations.Its worth to listen to,makes you look at everything in a different way.

måndag 12 september 2011


yesterday I grinded 12h,I won 2 tournaments and got kicked out in 2 at the friends calls me ms bubble,cause it always happens to me.I need to change my bubble play a lot,if anyone has any tipps Im glad to listen..I played the emop online tournament,...I got kicked out 5 places before price (almoust bubble)this time with 88 against TT (the same hand as I got kicked out in emop bulgaria,except I was up against qq), sucks the last price was like 350 e so it would have been nice to at least get into the money...but there is a new chance each month,and next month I will be playing it charing a bottle of red wine from mendoza in a beatiful flat on the other side of the world:)


starting the morning with the final episode of the season 4,true blood.

söndag 11 september 2011


btw...I been without coffe for a week now,Im so proud...the only thing I been drinking is coffe without caffeine and tea.


after som badbeats and selfpitty I did some shopping yesterday...this is my feeling good dress I sure helps.Didnt find any charger for my phone...or actually I forgot to look for it...anyway I feel better,now Im gonna grind for 12h and hopefully it will go better.Next week Im gonna book the ticket for BA.

fredag 9 september 2011


woke up with a great feeling,signed on a tournament as soon as I could,just knew it was my day...everything went well until after the first break/add on. Looking with a smile at my aa, a loose aggresive player raises I do a small reraise to encourage him to 3 bet me allin,wich he does...get it allin with aa against 55,note that Im a 80%favor,the flop comes and ofcourse he gets a straight...I been angry ever since due to my bad mood and my badbeats (I know this isn't the right way to deal with this,especially not as a pro pokerplayer)I decided to go to town have a nice dinner at the steakhouse and a huge glass of red wine. I love fridays!and maybe it's true as they say,no luck in games better luck in love.I hope.

torsdag 8 september 2011


One year ago,I was blond,in Buenos aires,a girlfriend and in the beginning of my poker carrier.A lot of things have changed in one year,a lot of new friends,many new memories and places.

this pic is today one year ago,a party with some friends,me and my sister.,drinking our favorite; champagne


grinded 13h yesterday, the badbeats didn't stop..why do people limp in big hands?I still don't get it.
we might found a house to stay in BA when everyone is there,its difficult when we are 7 persons,but hopefully this will be my bedroom for a couple of weeks


I need some fine wine and you,you need to be nicer...

onsdag 7 september 2011


been a bad beat daytoday, so lost my focus this last hour and been browsing through different sites on internet.found this amazing house in mallorca for doesnt say a price but I can imagine ;)anyay if I was a millionare I would buy it and start a bio ecological hotel there.


holdem works again,but took 25minutes to solve,so I missed my chance of replaying hands,already have 4 tables started so have to wait.anyway Im so locking forward to go to BA and see my friends and family(brother&sister)already had 4 persons asking me when Im coming:)ahh want to go now.
this is me and my sister last year when we lived in BA.


and ofcourse holdem-m is fucking with me today....just my luck.


took a walk in town and ate a chocolate cake and a latte, the sun was shining, last days of summer is here.Was looking for a charger for my phone thats been dead for a year,my other one gave up after the flight from stockholm to malmö...but no luck.going to malmö this weekend so hopefully they will have one,Im not one of theese iphone geeks yet,my phone is an old but still nice one.although I wouldn't say no to a blackberry,it's something special about them.

well,my 1st tournament have started,have 10 hands that I played yesterday to go through in holem replayer.And YES I managed to figure out the problem with mu holdem,Im a smart girl,thank you.

tisdag 6 september 2011


first tournament started 10 minutes ago,I been plus everyday except 3 since I came back from my vacation.Its good,my ev is really good:) just been having problems with my holdemmanager,don't know why its always messing with me?!
the first 2 hours is always a bit slow,with maximum 4 tables...

a tip for all poker players,also for others who spend more or less their life infront of a computer is tears again,its a spray that helps youre eyes not to dry out while sitting infront of the screen.



today I was listening to this song,not only is she absolutley beatiful but also married to one of the sexiest man alive!vanessa paradis

måndag 5 september 2011


gonna go out for a walk,its raining and I need to see the sea and feel the wind and calmness...its been to much bad things happening the last much dissapointment.


söndag 4 september 2011


ahforgot!!!theese 2 cuties are on their way to argentina buenos aires right now...we said goodbye at the airport,felt kinda strange seeing them enter the terminal for international flights and me going alone to domestic gonna miss them a lot,but will see them soon hopefully.


dont know were I got anything,just pressed all things into 2 suitecases and prayed that it would fit an pass the approved did,and now I cant find anything...its ok I have time...tomorrow,or next wallet,my phone my still missing,but at least I have my computer.,

yesterday we all decided to go out,try the nightlife in stockholm, 6 girls and fede the only guy...everyone were drinking except me...(still on the detox since last weekend.)we went to a pub that had cheap bear,nice but eyecandy what so ever...went to the next place,a huge line,but the time passed quite fast talking to a guy from the south off sweden,an inventor that was inventing different kind of electric stuff...pretty interesting,finally we managed to get close to the entrance when suddenly everyone changed their minds,so left  was me and jenny,the only ones wanting to enter..not much of a choice,,.took the metro and  then got back home...not so fun but at least I remeber the whole night this time..concidering last weekend.


stockholm was nice,I had a nice time with my sister and my friends,even though I didn't meet all the people I intended too,but at least the most important once..jenny and federico.
was listening to bright eyes latest album on the flight back,really nice music.
Gonna start reading a book now about the food revolution,it supports my way of is a link and some facts about it,never can be said enough,eco and bio is the future.

lördag 3 september 2011


1h until we leave to stockholm,having the last breakfast with my sis in the apartment.yesterday we had a small goodbye party here with some friends..the apartment is a mess,but a friend promised he will clean...we dont care,just wanna leave,gonna watch hangover part 2 on the bus

fredag 2 september 2011


poker takes a second to learn but a lifetime to master.


their new cd is awesome,the lyrics in this song are really good ones
You're gonna lose what you love the most
You're not alone in anything
You're not unique in dying
Feel estranged every now and then
Fall asleep reading science fiction
I wanna fly in your silver ship
Let Jesus hang and Buddha sit


tomorrow we will be leaving for stockholm,still dont know where I will be sleeping but it always works out in the end...Im a last minute person:)my sister and my friend are both leaving on sunday to buenos aires,my uruguayan friend is leaving to spain and I will take the flight to malmö..going to meet up with some other friends and have a nice last day together!I love stockholm in the summertime.

torsdag 1 september 2011


found some old pictures while cleaning the computer..good old times:)