onsdag 31 augusti 2011



two walks on kings so far...lost with aces...but Im not giving up,the day just started,yesterday I grinded 12h and today I plan to do the same!
when my friend from uruguay was here we managed to watch 3 movies in a row...haha yeah it was sunday and we where hangover;)my best friends wedding with julia roberts was one of them...really nice movie..a little too american but nice..ahh julia roberts must be one of the most beatiful womans in the world!


each day I am more and more convinced about the importance of what we put in our bodies...the best thing you can eat is ecological and well produced food..all the sicknesses in the world,all the fatness and bad living is due to what we eat.this article is interesting,it debates whether to use sunscreen or not and why we get cancer...it makes you think.

tisdag 30 augusti 2011


this time in sweden made me open my eyes to many things,perons,emotions...many of which I didn't want to see,be aware of...I guess it's all a natural part of growing and adapting...but it hurts when friends let you down,family and relationships is a mess...this time I just cut off...I finished many relationships that didn't give me anything,I took distance from relations that was bad in the moment, but most importnat I meet a lot of new fantastic persons..I grew as a person and maybe I changed too, but Im happy and I think Im on my way to grow up (yes I know that Im already am a grown up)but sometimes it don't feel like that..;)anyway what I want to say that Im happy and I love my life!every bad thing that doesnt kill you,makes you stronger.


been cleaning out everything ...50 dresses,30 shirts and trousers...everything is sold...2 big bags of cloths and shoes are given to second hand...now all that is remaining is some  pictures on a cd, old diares and a suitcase of cloths.It feels good,Im leaving everything behind me now...not sure what it means but for sure Im glad,my life is constantly changeing and now another epoc is done...I will leave this apartment in a couple of days...gonna stay in south of sweden for some days(weeks?)don't know yet...then I be heading south,all the way to southamerica..

måndag 29 augusti 2011


been said before,but not enough,this is the most beatiful,smart and loving person in the world,my soulmate and most important my babysister.I love her so much.


in between some games..just got kicked out of 3 tournaments..in 10 minutes starts 2 new ones
...so thought I will write something nice..everyone knows that Im a big sucker for eco food and bio stuff..this restaurant and bar is located in buenos aires,they have only ecological stuff and you can order everything online and they deliver it to you...I want to start something similar in the future in europe!


been dead for some days...the party was great but everyone drank a little bit too much...especially me..

fredag 26 augusti 2011



today Im grinding,tomorrow there will be party..our last week in this apartment and also the typical swedish crayfishparty that every swedish person does in august...gonna be a lot of crayfishs and alcohol:)

torsdag 25 augusti 2011



today I signed out from the driving school...been a member for 1 month without ever being present..so I figured out that I just wont take a driverlicence for some time (give me some years)instead I got money back... I never even opened the books...went and bought an ecological banana schampoo from body shop,really to recommend for anyone!and some good eco food and fruits ...I like the pleasures at the moment instead...and just seing my sister freaking out over her licence makes me sick,is it really that important!?she is taking her final exam today and within 2 hours we will know if she gets it or not...I hope so..for her and for me(than I have someone who can drive anyway)..good luck pau:)luckilly my grandpa don't read this blog,he would have killed me for signing out...

onsdag 24 augusti 2011


so sweden is nice,but again boring...maybe we will spend another couple of months in argentina...this time we will be a group of 7 people...my brother and a friend left 3 weeks ago and me and my sister don't know yet...
Im looking at apartments now,want to stay in recoleta (the fancy old neighbourhood) again,it's the best area. The plans for Milano is on hold,maybe next year...the contract with the pokersite is also on ice...(italians) well nothing is sure yet,so far it's just plans...Im sure I will have changed my plans a couple of times before anything is certain...but for sure it will not be sweden..I miss the city life


morning! yoga + cafe latte + strawberries + grinding...so far so good!
I love being my own boss,I had the alarm set 10.30 and was lazy decided to stay in bed 2 hours extra...


finished grinding,and 2 days thats been -!!!...I need to get my focus right,can't believe I lost against a huge fish on the bubble in the last tournamnet,I did such a bad call...f...ck
anyway,not much but poker in my head,also a big headace comparable to a bad hangover...not in my best mood,gonna call it for the night...by watching an episode of true blood..maybe this hottie will give me better thoughts.(the sexscenes in season 4 of trueblood are great btw,the ones between alex and sookie(yeah I don't remember her real name))

måndag 22 augusti 2011


sitting on the veranda just gonna start the grinding...there is actually some sun today(also I have a bad hairday)therefore the gigantic hat..

söndag 21 augusti 2011


tonite im sleeping in my apartment,finally...tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and pack out everything from my dads house...busy busy...all week long,wont have time for any
thing really...and on thursday a friend is coming to sweden...don't have time but need to take time for him...gahh...and I really want/need to start my grinding...the goal for the month is emop in barcelona!
but im finally with my sis:)

cant believe that only a few days ago I was trecking in austria...seem so far away now.

lördag 20 augusti 2011


what a trip,thanks god it's over..german people can be really nasty and unpolite...I almost missed 2 connection trains and had to run like hell..stressed out panicking,and why do they keep on speaking german when its obvius I dont understand a shit, + I told them hundred times that I dont speak german...and people that stare...when I try to sleep,try to be alone...people that talks to me without nothing really to say...and then 3 downloaded movies that I was looking forward so much to see on the boat,but ofcourse I managed to download,not only 1 but 3 movies without any sound...also 1 with dutch subtitels...
...Im gonna sleep.night


35min left,really have xtra time...will be putting up some pics from the mallorca vacation..


in 1hour the train to rostock is leaving...just had breakfast and now having a cup of tea.Ah can't believe that tonite I be sleeping at my mums house in sweden.but now the holiday is over..the pic is from palma,having a good latte on the beach is not too bad either;)

fredag 19 augusti 2011


 home is whenever Im with you


Im in luneberg(or something like that)staying at a student apartment,been out in a local bar having a terrible shot of a margarita mix...arrived here after 12h of travelling with train...so im exhausted,tomorrow awaits another 12h and then im home!

austria was really an amazing country and for sure I will be back there...the views and nature are amazing. The place I stayed in (biohotel wolfgruber) was nice and much to the adorable family that took care of me. I will miss them for sure,but now I really want to start my grinding...seems like I been away for ages!some of the pictures I took while I was in austria.

onsdag 17 augusti 2011


I be going back to sweden on saturday...really I miss my home and my sister so much...its lovley here in austria but after being away for a month its time to get back...and ohh I miss poker soo much!today I saw a monastery and I got reiki which is a kind of energy based healing..it was nice:)the picture is outside the monastery

tisdag 16 augusti 2011


Im now in austria...I have no wifi internet and no connection to the world...ahh it#s kind of peaceful and relaxing...today I did trecking in the alps and then I been relaxing at the hotel.Tomorrow I will be doing some turistic stuff in the city!

måndag 15 augusti 2011


forgot how the life in a hostel looks like...I was in bed around 01..not that late...my roomies came home around 07,when i woke up...drunk and happy...nedless to say more...got attacked by one of the french guys in the corridor that tryed to kiss me...later back in the room anotherone fell a sleep in my bed...thanks god im checking out..today i will be riding train for 6h...fun!

söndag 14 augusti 2011


Walk it off now
You can tell them all how I finally let you down
Stand around here in this small town
And tell me how it feels
Tell me how it feels

amazing dance to a beatiful song


just got back to germany,gonna stay one night and tomorrow i will be heading for austria to stay and write about another biohotel. Have been having a great vacation,been spending almoust 3 weeks with the same person 24/7 so now it feels kindof empty..am staying in a hostel tonite in a room with 6 guys from france...so it could be worse..
gonna go for a drink in the bar and then bed.tomorrow my train leaves at 08 yey

fredag 12 augusti 2011


in 2 days i be going back to germany and then austria...so gonna enjoy theese 2 last days in mallorca:)

onsdag 10 augusti 2011


im having a great vacation...dont have time for that much blogging,but there will be a good update soon!going to hit the shower and then out for a dinner!

lördag 6 augusti 2011


just had an amazing breakfast...will upload some pics later...everything ecological and healthy mmm.
Have 1.5 hours before I have to eat lunch and then I have an appointment with a cosmetic professional...this will for sure be interesting since I barely use makeup..the only thing I ever use is mascara and eyeliner...could sure need an update and some tipps on how to imrove:)
gonna go to the pool now!


fredag 5 augusti 2011


back from a delicious dinner...gonna write a short report then straight to bed.here are a little nice music for the evening


on sunday i will be heading for this beatiful place...mhmmm
I give you a clue,it's an island and they speak spanish there...in europe:)


forget to write about my quick stop in stockholm.Have been having a visit from holland a couple of days and the last 2 days we went to stockholm.stayed at this beatiful ladys house:)been one of my closest friends since I was 3 years old.
also we meet up with theese ones:)
drinking some drinks in the sunset before leaving to munich
stockholm is beatiful in the summer,really enjoyed the city and seeing my friends.wish I had more time to spend there..


gonna get dressed now for the dinner,been writing some post for the blog we have in the 180biodyssey team(the work team)but need to translate it into german first..so lets hope my translation friend has some spare time.this is the link for the blog!(its in german though)
here are some pics of my room.


just got back from a jitsu massage that was nice...im right now staying at the hotel falkenhof. Its so nice here and relaxing.My focus and my peace of mind is total. I love my life!

yesterday I went for a quick tour in the city with the owner and then for a dinner!luckilly hes in hes thirtiies (I think) so hes one of the few young persons here...otherwise I just seen persons over 50.nice with some company but its also fine to just hang around by yourself. been reading a little in my pokerbooks(ofcourse):)otherwise just enjoying myself.

måndag 1 augusti 2011


the weather has been really amazing theese past days...have been busy so the blog hasent been my focus right now...
today we are going to stockholm and on wnesday to germany!see you in germany!byeee