tisdag 28 juni 2011


I just deleted 100 "friends" on facebook...and it was just the beginning...cant believe I have so much people I don't really know or just meet once..it's kind of scary how much you can see of a persons life just looking at pictures and things.I learned a lesson one year ago when a girl pretended to be me,she took pictures from my facebook,saw on my status where I was and created her own account in my name...she was obsessed with me as a person and a guy I used to date.If the guy haven't told me anything I wouldn't still know that she did it...scary...there are some sick people out there.

well welll,now starts my working day!byee

måndag 27 juni 2011


the thing I hate most when I play is when people limp in kk or aa..1st it such a bad play that it's completley a waste of getting chips...can anyone tell if it's ever a good play?

lördag 25 juni 2011


just finished the last tournament...going to grind as crazy this month!


we just moved in to a new apartment...it's just during the summer...hopefully by the end of august I know where I want to live...since I have the choice to choose wherever in the world it's quite hard to decide...but now it leans more to milan than as originally planned denmark. me and my sister had a meeting with a large pokersite in italy,hopefully it will go our way...I cross my thumbs!


back from milan,back to work...milan was wonderful,I meet a lot of new wonderful persons and got to spend time with my sister and cousin...because of stupid surcomstances we never stayed at our friends house,as was decided over 1 month ago`!fortunatley there are nice people out there...although I think the best thing that happend was not staying at our old friends house...when people turn their back at you it just makes you stronger in the end,and I feel good knowing karma is a bitch...cause she will be a whole lot worst to some people that really deserves it, hopefully.

fredag 17 juni 2011


 im to negative to write anything nice...and the past days I've been too busy..tomorrow I will go to milan...can't say im overexcited about it...


they say don't cry over the past cause it's gone,don't worry about the future it haven't yet arrived live in the present and make it beatiful...but I'm to angry to care about anything of this....fuck it!

lördag 11 juni 2011


I would like to live in a warm sunny place right now,sweden is cold and rainy...in one week a be going to milan thanks god!


 I love  you!

torsdag 9 juni 2011


this is how my shark looks like now,pretty ok!


today is my birthday...in one year I have to have reach my goal that I set for my poker carrier...uhuu
this picture is from bulgaria,the sit n go that I came second in...hehe I look so happy;)

måndag 6 juni 2011


last day and the sun is shining,im relaxing at the balcony...in one hour we have to check out from here and tonite my flight is departing...so I have some sunhours to catch. yesterday we played a sit n go...and I came 2nd;)it was fun,everyone where drinking and chatting and swedish,except one girl...now im gonna start packing my bag!ciao


saturday my team had a party in a club on the beach...it was great,so many nteresting persons!it's so nice to meet people that have the same intrests and actally know what you are talking about.
this is some pictures from our hotel room,waiting for my friends to get ready!as usual i always end up waiting for the others haha..the qualty is bad,i know,i only have the webcam since i forget the battery for my camera...suprise!

fredag 3 juni 2011


gråt inte över spilld mjölk...I don't know how to translate that into english...but anyway,I busted out just in the beginning,88 against qq with no chance...kind of dissapointed but,there will be more chances I hope...now after some glasses of wine and some chearing words for my little brother whos playing the side event I'm saying good night.
this is me the first day in the tournament:)


soon of to play!a big kiss for you all!now im gonna kick some ass!!


the breakfast at the hotel is not even close to eatable...the only reason I do eat it is the feta cheese...even the coffe taste old and discusting.

torsdag 2 juni 2011


going out soon,been at the beach for 2hours until it started to rain...ate the worst chicken and fries ever in my life...sunny beach is not a place if you want culture and food...but it's pretty ok if you want cheap wine..and im gonna get that now!tomorrow i will be playing again!


I managed to hang in for the second day,Im not that impressed by my own playing so far,I give the other players to much respect...but anyway,Im still in!!:)the first day we where 150 persons,in the end of the day we where 86 persons remaning...tomorrow is the next day...so,today (hopefully) I will get some sun and relaxing hours by the pool...the weather has been pretty shit mostly of the time.here you can read about the tournament...and me ;)