tisdag 31 maj 2011


we are gonna be around 250-300 persons in the tournament..tomorrow the last persons will be able to buy in to be able to participate.
im not that impressed by sunny beach overall...it's like a tourist town with drunk teenagers and old people...but I don't complain since I got here for free..
theese days I will spend at the beach,eating food and playing poker,some of my favorite stuff!Im here with 5 friends aswell,so it never gets boring,but today I skipped going out,instead im gonna prepare myself for tomorrow...gonna watch some videos on high stakes poker and then bed!good night


I arrived yesterday to bulgaria...the casino seems nice,quite small.tomorrow I will be starting the tournament,Im so nervous...yesterday we went out for a quick dinner and then bed...today we spent some hours at the beach and drinking some nice drinks in the sunset.
Im so glad to be here!!!:)

fredag 27 maj 2011



had some errands in town today and took a coffe with a friend...was supposed to have a day off from poker but cudden't help myself...anyway need to do as much grinding as possible before emop.

when I was standing in the supermarket I saw a tall guy with dark longer hair...I cudden't see his face but he was so familiar,then suddenly it hit me that he looked just like my ex,from italy,we broke up 5 months ago...I haven't mentioned him cause the whole breakup and relationship was pretty catastrophic...least to say I paniced, turned around to quick and bumped into a shell with candy.ofcourse it wasen't my ex I realized when he turned around,but just the idea to run into him was freaking me out...also there is no chance whatever that he would be in sweden since he lives in italy,but sometimes you just freeze and stop thinking!
I need a vacation!

torsdag 26 maj 2011


I just read that bulgaria have been having big problems with the maffia that's been controlling a big part of the economy...especially in sunny beach!and probably many of theese persons involved are going to play poker at the emop..hehe...this could be interesting.


onsdag 25 maj 2011

tisdag 24 maj 2011


just finished my grinding, I'm plus today,this week I been grinding like crazy,studying videos,books...everything that I can find.hopeing the cloud will move away so I can fly to bulgaria for the emop.
this picture is from saturday,me and my lovley friends!:)

måndag 23 maj 2011



first,the FBI,forbidding people to play online in usa, which makes me cancel my planned trip to wsop,second the volcano on iceland breaking out and might causing cancellation of flights from sweden during  weeks...just the time when I booked 2 flights, one for the emop and the other one for milan...wow is this a sign that I shoulden't fly the nearest future or just my luck??!


this is not happening!fucking volcano!!!!!!

lördag 21 maj 2011


I woulden't mind him coming to sweden either!


when I first heard it I was a little bit to drunk and distracted by the beatiful guy that told me...but now I finally realized that bob dylan is coming to sweden!!!oh my god,I'm to scared to be happy right now,cause I know he can cancel his show or the tickets might be sold out or whatever...but anyway BOB DYLAN is coming!YES,one step closer to fufill my list of things I have to do!He is one of my biggest inspirations and his lyrics and songs I could die for!


when you havent been in contact with anyone for ages and you have a bunch of unanswered mails,phonecalls and text...maybe it's time to take a break!?....nahhh but it's so hard,especially when you starting to get a good pace and everything is going smooth...I have a party to attend and a girlsnight at a friends house...but honestly,I rather stay grinding...oh my god, I'm starting to get really scared of myself!but actually this is so comon among poker players...I know guys that didn't even shower for a week or leave their computer more than 5 minutes in days.If I'm starting to be like that I'm in seriosly shit.

fredag 20 maj 2011



no bluffing in poker is like having sex with condom, it's safe but not as good as having it without!



a strange morning so far,I woke up laying opposit in the bed with my feet on my pillows...with my cellphone in my hand,apperently I been talking with a person 5 minutes early in the morning...don't have any memory of this:/ and it's not a person I want to call back either!found an old magazine and briefly looked at it while eating breakfast...stopped at a page,recognized the guy in the ad but cudden't remember from where...then it hit me,we meet  3 years ago one cold night in italy...he was a beatiful model with big green eyes.In the magazine he did a campaign for hm haha...so weird. I'ts strange how you meet people and spend a couple of hours, days together and then completley forget that they excist..it's quite sad though,how many people we miss out on while we are busy makeing other plans.

gonna keep on makeing plans now,have subsribed a membership on cardrunners for a month,they have thousands of videos and info about poker etc.I reccomend it to every person that want to be a winning poker player!you need cardrunners!

found this old picture, when I was living in italy...it's really funny,me my best friend and our italian friend,look at his hand haha

onsdag 18 maj 2011


sooooo many thing I need and should do now....


being a pokerplayer is dificult,you have to be able to handle downswings and depression and questioning of your skills etc..you don't always run good,you can have weeks of losing strikes and badbeats...mentally being strong and never give up is key words.You have to read books, always find extra time to play and find leaks in your game! You can never master poker 100% because there is always thoose 40% of luck involving the game.I'ts not easy!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


when it comes to a sixth sence I do believe I have it..i'ts like an inner voice or something telling me when things are gonna get bad or are bad..I meet 4 people in my life that are psykopaths, and everyone of them I had that strange warning feeling about...I been in situations that I had the same feeling about and always managed to get out of it.Now to the dilemma...which I don't know if it's just me being stupid or if there really is something to be extra careful with.I been emailing with a guy about renting his apartment in milan and from the beginning I got a creepy feeling from him. I'ts just the way he writes to me and how often he mentions god in his emails...it freaks me out...people that are too fanatic about religions and god,I'm a science girl!anyway in his last email he ended with the sentence god bless you and everything you do. That disturbs me and also the fact that he mentioned god not only once but 5 times!?
am I overreacting?phaaa

måndag 16 maj 2011


Im working on my live skills and reading books watching live poker etc...its fun...I'm getting nervous,14 days left to bulgaria!gonna play some internet tournaments now!
yesterday was terrible,never been so hungover for a long time,wont be drinking for a looong time..this picture is from the preparty that was fun!until we started to play drinking games.


I just love this scene,the song and the actors,just perfect!

lördag 14 maj 2011


Today I wont be playing at all,I'm going out with a friend. Latley I been going out every weekend and so far I been enjoying sweden a lot...better keep on while it still funny:)I used to hate the nightlife, the music and the people...but after six years abroad I find it rather interesting and funny..its like being a foreigner in your own country, best thing; I can talk in swedish to everyone I meet...ok actually I went out in denmark last week and talked italian half of the night,but thats another story!!my point is that this will be a great summer,my first swedish sumer in 4 years!!?!wow


I know my updates suck but I havent had that much spare time at all.Anyway I won an emop package to bulgaria 2 days ago so I'm going there in 2 weeks to play my firts huge live event:)
I found theese pictures of chris moneymaker,you can see me in the background,haha not my best angels but pretty funny though:D

måndag 9 maj 2011


yesterday I was watching one of my favorite movies, basic instinct,the sex scenes are amazing!sharon stone is really beatiful!


I been grinding a lot theese past days,but took a day of saturday. went to copenhagen with my friends and had a nice time danceing in the small bars drinking cheap wine..tomorrow I will be going back to my hometown close to gbg...but I love south of sweden,wouldn't mind living here in the future!


I wont be going to vegas unfortunatley,but maybe I will go for the emop in bulgaria.I won a place in the satellit tournament tomorrow so wish me luck!bulgaria isn't looking that bad!

onsdag 4 maj 2011


btw I been awake 28hours...insomnia,except a 45 minute sleep that didn't help at all!


Slow she's burnin' in your soul
With whispers in your ear
It's okay I'll give it anyway
Just get me out of here


just woke up,going to take a fika in the center,then my working day will start!and yes,had better hairdays in my life;)

tisdag 3 maj 2011


another day to come!what i really would need now is a great massage a tasty meal and chocolate!but no,today I will just be grinding my ass off!kisses

måndag 2 maj 2011


theese days been crazy with partying and meeting friends...took a break 2 days from poker and now I'm back!was in malmö friday and meet this beatiful lady I haven't seen for ages,we drank fine wine and danced the night away to some funky music!:)


today foofighters is going on repeat on my playlist!have a lot of hours that i need to play..been partying to much..