torsdag 31 mars 2011


the most difficult thing in poker is potodds and implied odds...especially when you play multitable as I do you have about a few seconds to calculate...for me this is the hardest and most boring part of poker.
days like theese with no inspiration what so ever,I just take a look at photos like this...

day 69

And tomorrow must be another day,I know I will have no regrets

onsdag 30 mars 2011


yesterday I played both tournaments and cashgames and it went it didn't go my way though..went in favorite in many hands and lost...are playing the last tournament now!

tisdag 29 mars 2011


when things seems to go to good,I always get scared,usually somethings bad is going to happen.Now my poker and my projects is going good...then ofcourse something bad happens.This time it's someone close feeling bad and everything that hurts that person hurts me to.

Och jag vet, jag har för lätt för att luras av glädjen.
Där älvorna dansar dit längtar jag jämt.
Och på var sida om huvet står änglar och sjunger
om glädje, om kärlek och om allt som har hänt,
som inte borde ha hänt.
Och ni kanske inte tror, men ni vill va' kloka visa män
å dom älvorna dansar nog aldrig tillsammans igen
tillsammans igen, tillsammans igen.

måndag 28 mars 2011


sometimes words and their real meaning can be a little bit confusing so I wrote this quick translation help;

poker translator;
 fish,donk- bad player
shark,regular- good player
rainbow- a flop containing 3 different suits
cowboys- kings
ducks- twos

guy translator:
I have to work- meaning-my work is more important than you
Oh I forgot-meaning- it wasen't that important to me
can I make it up to you?-meaning- sex?

girl translator:
your'e a sweet guy but-meaning- I'm not attracted to you
call me-meaning- call me
I don't know-meaning- convince me

söndag 27 mars 2011


advantages being a girl playing livepoker,except winning a lof of money if your good...

-90% guys at the table
-free drinks,champagne etc..
-people underestimate you and play lousy hands just to be able to play with you or just to have an excuse to talk too you
-high possibility being asked out for dates,dinner etc..

though I justed played live a few times I already got 5 dates, one party invitation...haha so I recommend this to every girl out there playing poker,at least try this once!and it's really fun aswell,except when you loose against stupid players or badbeats,but hey there is always a possibility of that in poker.


not much poker this weekend,but can't stay too long without a game or two:)
been busy with my other passion,slow food.I'ts an organization for ecological,fair and healthy food,been a member for a couple of years now.  For me it's a non question thing eating healthy and fair produced as much as possible.Everyone should do it and think in a more ecological point when grocery shopping.

from one thing to another,going to my granda now to eat her fantastic food!ciaoo  here you can read more about slowfood!

this picture is from when I was on a slowfood convention in france.

lördag 26 mars 2011


why do guys cheat?
for the same reason that dogs lick their balls..
because they can!


why didn't I ever got an german lover?have to do a last minute translate from swedish to german and came to the conclusion that it's not only german friend cudden't help me and don't know a lot of german speaking people..
would have been a lot easier if it was italian or spanish...ahhrgg
why do I do everything last minute?!

fredag 25 mars 2011


going to pay a visit to the doctor...finally!as always I'm doing everything last minute..gonna see a friend and take a fika(coffe)...ciao ragazzi
gonna try to play some cash game later on...gonna get som extra hands for the proteam:)


been playing all day and it went ok,didn't loose any but didn't win that much either.signed up for the contest on 24bet poker to become part of their vote for me!

torsdag 24 mars 2011

onsdag 23 mars 2011



the problem with holdem manager is still not solved.I wrote them and they told me that everyone playing on entraction have this problem and that they are trying to solve it. I think they handled this really bad,first they didn't even tell their clients that they have a problem,second we pay a lot to have holdemmanager and this been going one almoust a month!!unbelievable!

tisdag 22 mars 2011


I have a goal set for the next coming 60 days!I'm going to play 800 games and try to get a profit around 4500e..if I reach this goal I'll be heading to vegas for the wsop with my brother!
as it seems today it's going bad...but everyone can have bad days so I'm not to worried,really want this and gonna give my best!


"When you asked me how I was doing, was that some kind of joke" 
 Bob Dylan

måndag 21 mars 2011


today I been playing for a couple of hours,had some sick badbeats:/holdemmanager doesn't work either so all the information I have saved about the players etc isn't there...which makes my game a lot worse!so overall it's been a bad day!

söndag 20 mars 2011


Before I was a pokerplayer I tryed out some different kind of jobs,no surprise neither of them suited me.I always had a hard time not getting tired of doing the same thing continuosly..

this is when I was living in thailand,working as an englishteacher..
I also tryed to do handywork,here painting...(lasted for a day)
since my father owns a restaurant,I had to try the business aswell,working as a chef wasent my thing,but I worked extra for many years as a waitress
haha as a model I never fitted in..though it was nice to stay in good hotels for free

actually I really liked workin as an aupair,but I cudden't see a future in it:)
finally I came to the conclusion that working as a poker pro suits me good..but I'm happy to try out other jobs aswell(theese are just some out of hundreds)


the sun is shining but the snow haven't dissapeared yet... it's so nice taking walks outside and breath the fresh air,completley different from vegas and usa.still spending the time by watching movies:)

lördag 19 mars 2011


spending my time watching poker movies to keep up with the game...when I was playing two days ago I realized that I forgot a lot (it's been a month)so need to rebuild my focus and improve my game...

so this is been my days so far,movies and food:) with a friend yesterday and talked for I woke up with pain in my throat..(can you talk too much?!)nea..think I need to pay a visit to the doctor...


pokermovie day....been watching for hours...going to sleep.

torsdag 17 mars 2011


first working day in more than a month...went ok,was a little bit unfocused and confused...they changed owner of my site and due to the time difference I played games I usually don't play...but overall I'm happy to get back to business,no more lazy days for some time:)

onsdag 16 mars 2011


vanessa rousso is the most famous female pokerplayer..she was participating in the nbc tournament aswell but was kicked out the first day.To bad, I really wanted to meet her,shes a big inspiration and a good player!

tisdag 15 mars 2011


tom waits is a wonderful sing and songwriter,this is one of my favorite songs.


hitting the clubs in vegas was fun,but actually I was more into playing live poker than danceing...this is the first night we went out,kinda the only night actually:Dhehe


have a lot of extra time now while trying to change the hours...watching to many poker movies can be boring and after a while you not getting in any of value anyway...and movies don't give me that much either, was watching a documentary before about the illegal dolphin and whale hunting. watching this makes you feel really bad and angry,but you need to watch this THE COVE.I'ts a good documentary and I think it get out it's message really clear and loud,people should watch this and rethink a lot of things happening around them...

måndag 14 mars 2011


trying to change the hours from argentinean-american to swedish's more difficult than I thought..wanted to start grinding asap but seems that I need to sleep like a week before I can do anything of value..right now I'm falling asleep at 3pm waking up 9pm to eat then sleep until 6am....have no idea what happend to me...?!

söndag 13 mars 2011


trying to remember everything that happend theese past days...all the people we got to see and all the places we been..think I'm still overwhelmed and tired.the guy who won the nbc tournament is named Erik Seidel,an american guy, he defeated chris moneymaker in two straight matches where the winner got 750.000 and the second plaze 300.00.It was great to see them play live and while I was sitting there in the public looking at this amazing minds playing such an complex game I realized that I'm ment to do this. I love this game,this profession.
this is erik just after he won,so relaxed and calm...haha I would have been shaking and screaming like crazy!!


finally we got our tickets to sweden,one stop in frankfurt and then gothenburg.can't describe how much I wanted to go home theese last days..being sick in vegas is not a big hit...even though the hotel room is fantastic you get tired of 2hours before we are boarding our plane guess what...yes an email saying that our flights from frankfurt to gothenburg has been cancelled...want to cry and scream...why is it so hard to get home??!!thanks god there are people like bryan one of the guys here,he booked our tickets when we where flying and had everything worked out just as we landed in germany.THANK YOU!
now I am in my bed in sweden,the fever is almoust gone and I'm already feeling better...but shit this place is fucking cold!!and yes I havent taken a shower in days and I been sick for days so this is no pretty picture;)
this is me right now haha



day 40

and the fever goes on...yey..managed to get up and pay an expensive buffe and ended up eating a pizza slize and 2 appels...not even the amazing desert table did I have power to look at.I'm sick:/

onsdag 9 mars 2011


I'm so the room with fever and feeling like shit..pauline is downstairs at the casino...I want to be there I wanna play!!..want to take a bath but heard that it is bad if you have a fever..was hopeing to see some ghost (usually happens when I have fever) but no..this hotel is to new I think,no ghost and no bad spirits.just a couple fighting in the room below..she is screaming like hell,wonder what he did!?makes me kind of glad though,alone no boyfriend to worry about or problems...been single for 3 months now and cudden't be happier.guys are problems hehe
there are like 70% gyus at this hotel...and I haven't seen anyone interesting...that sucks...or maybe I just don't care,right now I don't know the difference..or wait actually I saw phil Ivey this weekend when he played the tournament,but I was to shy to talk to him,he is interesting.


we moved from the ceasars to encor 2days ago,after chris finished the nbc tournament.encor is much nicer,it's newer and the view is amazing!!we live on the 11th floor with a panoramic view over the whole city and the pool of wynn and encor.yesterday we ate an amazing buffe at the wynn including dishes from all over the world...and the desert table was a big WOW...even my sister that's been away from candy and sweets for 2 years cudden't avoid tasting it!

tisdag 8 mars 2011


been playing live in some cashgames and yesterday I played a satelite with 10 players. The cashgames went ok,the first time I was so nervous,not only did I have chris at my table it was also his money I played for I was to tight and ended up loosing,not much but everything I put in the game. Next day I played live and ended up winning,but I ended up giving back the money to my friend that I won the most money from,it was also his money I played for...hehe
now that I'm more comfortable maybe I can play for my own money,just that I don't have any left...everything we spendt on the roadtrip so it's pretty frustrating. thanks god the guys are paying for everything,but I don't like living on other persons so I think we are going home soon.maybe already on thursday:)

this pictures is from the second day in the headsup tournament by nbc.many good and famous players!!

söndag 6 mars 2011


it's unrealistic here...we meet all of the top players in the world...seeing them play live headsup is a dream coming true!chris moneymaker is one of the most genuine and kind persons I meet..most players are actually really friendly.It may seem to many that money and fame takes the worst out of people but with persons like this(that has brains) they are too smart to let that get to them...that's why I admire them!I don't have that much time to blog about everything but I will write so much later...this is awesome!!
It feels so good playing cashgames live again,2 months has passed since we did it in punta.

fredag 4 mars 2011


late snack,strawberries and chocolate:)


this is where we will be staying:)


so mine and paulines flight to sweden is leaving on monday...but we won't be leaving with it...we are going to vegas!!!there is a nbc tournament going on there and all the best players are there right now.It turns out that our friend that we live with is friend with moneymaker(one topplayer)and he invited us all to ofcourse we are going:)


managed to do a lot of thigs in NY...but not enough...we are leaving tomorrow so definatley have to come back,but in's to cold right we saw centralpark,strawberryfields,chinatown and the brooklynbridge...this is the memorial of john lennon


we been staying at a guys place in the upper west on manhattan.the neighbourhood is great,a lot of bars and young people. My dad and brother stayedat a hotel in the centre of manhattan. We have a family friend living here since a couple of years,he used to work at my dads restaurant and now he has 3 cafes on manhattan called fika.It's like a swedish cafe with everything you eat in sweden.It was like paradise to eat some swedish food after ll theese months with argentinean meat and american fastfood..


gonna try to update the last week,been so busy and not having time to sit by the here we go!

-Reno,as I said before...really not my kinda place..depressed weird people and no good casino

-Denver,nice place,didn't stay that much time though..stayed in a hotel far away from the citycentre.but we walked the main street.Drank coffe and I managed to find some nice uggs...or the fake ones...

-new york,amazing!!I can't believe it took me so long to see this city,beatiful people and buildings. Me and Pauline been walking around for hours just looking at everything...the guys I could play at my website here I would definetley move here for a couple of months...but usa only allows pokerstars and fulltilt.