fredag 25 februari 2011


sleep and more sleep is just enough what I can handle now...been sitting in the car on the lonliest road in amerca for hours and hours..
I forgot one funny thing that happend in the casino in Reno,a guard came and asked me and my brother for id..we are both over sister that is 19 he didn't ask,she was just beside us...haha...felt good;)

torsdag 24 februari 2011


we just arrived to's the 2nd biggest gambling city in usa...and a really dissapointment..the peole here looks deprest and it's a small town with only casinos and snow.I'm not impressed at all.we are staying at a casino in the centre and I was supposed to play a tornament but there was to little people signed up so they had to cancel brother is playing a heads up right now and I'm at starbucks,the only place with free internet;)gonna head to the tables soon to see if there are more people now.

we spend the night at my friends farm between SF and Reno,just outside dacis. It was wonderful,pigs,cats,dogs and a lot more and my sister sleept by a open fire on a madrass,really romantic...haha.It's nice when you have time to meet up with old friends even if it's just for a little while.

tomorrow we will leave early,thanks god!

tisdag 22 februari 2011


just went to the hottel lobby to ask for the swimming pool and who wasen't there...yeah the hiphopper and he told me that I could jump into the jacuzzi with him to (heat up) if I wanted... ran to my room quickly and...gonna stay here tonite and watch tv.


been out the whole day seeing fishermans warf and china town...ended up eating in an italian amazing food!!all people in usa are so nice and friendly,it's such an contradiction to buenos aires and the argentines haha..I thought I would miss southamerica more but right now I want to move to usa.

one funny thing happend when I stood in the hotel lobby...a huge black hiphopper  was looking at me and after a while he asked if I wanted hes thanks I said with a smile...then he asked if I could give him my thanks again...he looked so dissapointed that I had to say that I'm from sweden and leaving tomorrow,then he said it doesn't matter he can call me in sweden..ehh...I thought of another excuse but he countered with- oh please don't say your lesbian or have a boy friend,no excuses baby....haha I started to laugh and just left I'm gonna head to the pool area and try to exercise a little

måndag 21 februari 2011


we took a late dinner at dennys,one of all the millions of fast food restaurants here...I been eating so healthy this past 6 months in argentina and now it all goes up in smoke...hamburgers,pizza,tacos,milkshakes and icecream is some of the hundred unhealthy things I managed to eate in ONE week..yey
tomorrow we will hit town and take a look at all the tourstistic stuff you need to see..was hopeing to see alcatras but the tour was full tomorrow so guess it will be in 2 days.


we are now in sanfransisco and gonna stay here 2 days!I'm exhausted after being in the car for so many hours...there will be a better update later on..right now we gonna head for some dinner:)

söndag 20 februari 2011


we are on our way to denver with a rented car...there aren't much time for blogging right now so this will be a hort so much happend but its' hard to put it in the moment we are staying at a days inn somewhere between santa monica and san fransisco...

fredag 18 februari 2011


days spendt with shopping,family time and then more shopping...we been so busy buying a new closet that I haven't had time for anything else...just found out that today is the last day before we are going on the just rented a car for 9 days...we will go from San diego to Denver...I have no idea about the distance,neither where we gonna stop and what is worth to see...but will take a closer look tomorrow..been too obsessed with finding the perfect pair of ugg shoes that I want,and ofcourse it's the only thing I haven't found!!
was going through my aunts old photoalbum and found this cute picture o me and my siblings!

onsdag 16 februari 2011


we left bariloche and stayed one night in buenos aires,arrived in us yesterday and now we are safe home in our cousins house in coronado,san diego!
the flight was awful,not only did I spend hours stuck on a plane with romantic movies,couples, and free alcohol,it was valentines day aswell...and my siblings and I couldn't sit next to eachother cause to plane was full...I sat next to a five years old that fell asleep on my arm and I didn't have the heart to push him away so had to sit like that until my arm fell asleep...yey...landed in mexico city and found out that the destination note on my bag was missing so I had to stand in line to recheckin it again...found out after a while that I was standing in the wrong line so had to do it all over again...finally we arrived and our dad picked us we gonna head for some shopping!!
no poker so far,anyway the site I play on is banned here in us...

lördag 12 februari 2011


rain,storm and thunder...we left the hotel in the morning with bus to catedral,where the lift goes from.was hopeing to get to the top of the mountains and enjoy a beatiful view and some nice walking...but as usual it all ended quite soon...a huge fog was coming into the city and covered all the area and then BOM rain,thunder freezing cold weather...we went to a cafe and drank tea and ate chocolate for a couple of hours..and now we are back at the hotel..great.

fredag 11 februari 2011


been busy and forgot to update he blog but gonna write a quickie about the latest days...after me being sick I managed to get my shit together and we went out for a horsebackriding up early as hell (8am)think that was the earliest I've been up in 7 months actually...and then took a minibus 2 hours right into nowhere.we all got one horse each,mine was a big brown named bebba..wonderful...riding through manificent views and beatiful nature...stopped to take a swim in a waterfall then ate asado (bbq) in a farm..the whole experience was beatiful,until my sister wanted to change horse...she claimed that since I'm smaller than her I should have her horse that is smaller...what she forgot to tell me was that the sadle of the horse was a butt the end of the day my ass was blue my legs was blue and my back was totally destroied....when I woke up next day I could barely move....omg haven't been in so much pain since I don't remember when!!!

today we went out walking around the lake...a homeless dog joined us and we called him bluebert(after a famous cheese here)..don't ask the end bluebert left us when we were heading downtown and we ate a lunch at a steakhouse with a cute we are just chilling,gonna take a coffe in town later.

I don't miss poker so much,saw a poker movie yesterday but the internetconnection was bad so it just stopped loading in the middle of it...I took it as a sign,in usa I will start my homework;)

onsdag 9 februari 2011


with my luck latley I wasent surprised when I started to get unbeleievable stomace pains in the breakfast area..little was I to know when they kept on getting stronger and stronger,then BOM  suddenly I fainted..right on the floor,yes!!luckily my brother and sister helped me to the room where I went straight for bed...they called mum in the next room and she gave me som painkillers...don't know what they contained of  but 10 minutes later I sleept like a baby.just woke up (3pm) and now what??!everyone is gone and here I am feeling a whole lot better...great start of the vacation!

tisdag 8 februari 2011


tomorrow we have to check out from our apartment,clean everything,get in order,check in at the airport,check in at the hotel in bariloche...and then finally's gonna be a busy day tomorrow.been having a  fight with the stupid people that works at about our flight and reservation at the hotel...we where supposed to stay in a 4 star hotel but now 1 day before going they wrote me and said I couldn't stay there but if we paid extra they could give us a 3 star hotel...omg unbelievable, in the end we gonna stay in the 3star hotel for the same price...this is why I love sweden,because things like this would never happend...welcome to argentina!

måndag 7 februari 2011


haven't had the time to write,been to busy doing my last days in BA!really donät know what I did but turned down like 5 dates and said no to a lot of friends that wants to meet.feeling a little bit guilty but who cares,probably will be back before people start to notice I'mgone;)
and poker,haha,haven't played a bit and it's such a starnge feeling,one more month to go without grinding and it feels good!!
have to go now,this is a picture of how I look now,I turned brown haired,so tired of being compared to my sister and all the bad attention!kisses

lördag 5 februari 2011


sharing is caring right??me and my sister had to sleep in the same bed,the smallest ever tonite...didn't have the ideal sleep but who cares haha...was nice to get some hugs and someone to hold...even though it would have been so much better if it was a hot guy..

today we gonna go to the cementary of recoleta...mum want to see everything buenos aires have to offer and ofcourse we gonna help...she went up at 9 today (usually we go up 13,as earliest)she was overexcited wanted to find maps and museums to spend the day in....we choose to sleep and now shes out with her husband doing the museums and stuff and later on we are going to the cementary...

this is me and my best friend in the cementary of recoleta the 2nd time I was there...(this going to be my 4th time)wow can't say that it's that awesome but it's the closest attraction to us ;)seems like ages ago,though it's only been 2 years..

fredag 4 februari 2011


I'm so happy right now...have so much nice things and people to thank my life for,I love the fact tha my mum is here,that I can work with the thing I love,that I can listen to my favorite song over and over agin without anyone interupting and that I'm right now going out to eat a wonderful dinner with the people I care for most...ok there are some of them missing...but anyway the half is here...

Och vad vet du om kärleken
Förrän du förgäves hatat den
Vad vet du om solen
Förrän nån släckt alla ljusen
Jag blir hellre ensam än lycklig med nån annan


today was upposed to be the last real working day for some time...but it ended up with a big fight with my in the end I just played 5 tillted and lost and went's weird sometimes when you feel like a mess and hiding avoiding everyone around,then people seem to notice you...there I was undressed,feeling like crap listening to my ipod drinking a starbuckscoffe,a guy comes up to me...he told me how beatiful I was and asked me out...and after all that crying and feeling like I hate the world suddenly I feelt a whole lot better...I gave him my facebook and then excused myself,so I hope he will add me,I think he was quite cute...
anyway tomorrow mum is coming and there won't be much playing theese days..

onsdag 2 februari 2011


grinding agan...don't know if I will have time for a vacation now...need to grind at least 100 games more and just have a few days...everything is quite a mess now personally..I'm the last minute kind of person and it sucks when you really need to plan everything to be able to do it.!right now I have hundreds of things to do and no time...shit

tisdag 1 februari 2011


last days of grinding...looking forward to a non working month!!yesterday I just played 2 hours so really need to get some work done theese days...maybe I'mgoing to uruguay for the weekend..was talking to a friend that lives there and he suggested that I should take a weekend there to say goodbye..actually it's a quite good idea since we really don't have enough sleeping space when my mum comes..
well I don't know yet...gonna see how work goes today:)