måndag 31 januari 2011


yesterday was a good day,got first place in a 10e tournament and got prices in 2 other tornaments...really needed a good day,had been to much badbeats latley..one more week to go in BA then we are off to bariloche!going to stay in a fourstar hotel and hopefully will have some time to hit the casino aswell!!looking forward to meet mum and just have quality time with my family.Last time I saw my mum was in june,wow...can't belive how fast time goes..this is a picture of me my sister and my mum last time we meet:)

söndag 30 januari 2011


playing less tournaments today,trying to focuse on each one more instead of doing 6-8 at the same time..so far it haven't been a good day...just got price in a 10e tournament...but nothing more,hopeing it will be better the next coming hours,gonna play 4 hours more!!
yesterday was an easy watching movies and drinking tea day...BA is kind of empty during janyary cause most of the portenos are going to their summer houses in the coast or to uruguay.In urugay there is a place called punta del este, where I spent 4 summers before...this year we went but just for 10 days..it's like the french riviera but south american style.I'ts a great place to go if you are tired of the big city and want some beach life and party!!:)right now wouldn't say no for a couple of days there...BA is to hot!!

lördag 29 januari 2011


had a day off from poker yesterday...went to eat lunch in one of ba's most famous cafe, tortini,unfortunetly I wasen't that found of it...ate a hamburger and got an old tomato in it and was sick the whole day afterwards hehe,overpriced was it aswell:/

anyway we went out danecing in a club called crobar in the night.had fun but all the guys were to desperate...if they're not trying to dance or touch you they are asking the same questions,whats your name,where your'e from...guess I should be flattered but was so sick of it yesterday.

today was so excited to start grinding until I found out that the server is broken and noone can enter the site....ahhh so right now I'm sitting watching gossip girl...why aren't there any guys out there like chuck bass??!

torsdag 27 januari 2011


a long day yesterday without any good prices,only went 1st place in a 10e tournament,was to lazy to play the headsup so ended up splitting the prices...decided to play more satellites today,hopeing to get cheaper in to the expensive tournaments...so long

onsdag 26 januari 2011


yesterday was a terrible working day,did only get price in 2 tornaments out of 24 and got kicked out just before price in 3 of them...hopeing that this will be a better day...

tisdag 25 januari 2011


just saw that I got my beatiful star back at sharkscope...it always feels good to see some payoff from all the hard work and hours you put in!!just began my working day and it feels good so far,it's wonderful to have a job where you longing to work...it never happend to me before with other jobs I had:)

anyway was having a quick look at facebook this morning and saw that my singstar video is really popular...it's strange to see yourself drunk danceing and singing...really got a wakeupcall there haha..when I'm drunk or lets say tipsie I tend to get a little bit flirty,not that I'm hitting on everyone but I'm sooo nice to everyone(if I like them)otherwise I can be really mean too...and I really give a lot of people a chance talking and in that stage (with a lot of alcohol)I feel that everyone are soo interesting...the worst part is to wake up,have some txt at your phone and some friend requests on your fb and having to turn down everyone because really Im not looking to dating anyone...and hardly there is guys that interesting...haha yeah just had the worst morning with my cell ringing constantly from 10 to 12....


right now sitting at the last tournaments final tables and I managed to double up!!!feels great!but what a bad mood everyone had today,the players were calling eachother so bad things ahaha...it's pretty funny to sit and watch since I both speak spanish,english and italian and today was a totally mix of everything..think the italians are worst though!!I really don't care if someone calls me something or insult my family (italian style)the most funny thing is when they call me a pussy or a girl or say that I don't have any balls....hahaha...welcome to the world of internet poker;)

måndag 24 januari 2011


started the day with oatmeal and coffe as usual...no yoga though,still have sore muscles after my night out...and I thought I was in good shape??!
today I'm grinding the whole day and night...my goal is to dubble my account...its getting smaller and smaller,and I really need some extra income cause my mum is coming to visit...we are going to the south of argentina to see some nature for a change..the city we gonna stay in is called bariloche and lies on the boarder to chile...beatiful!!but not good for my ecenomy that isn't great after vacation in uruguay and a planned roadtrip in a month...wow really have to focuse now!
this is bariloche...


yesterday was fun,though I had a hangover the whole day today it was totally worth it... yesterday the birthday party had a singstar and ofcourse after a couple of glasses of wine I thought it was an excellent idea to hit the mike and sing for everybody(not just one but like 10 songs)...unfortanetly my sister was filming the whole time and today it all went public on facebook haha...wow I came to one big conclusion I really can't sing!but I guess I made a lot of people not wanting to drink alcohol for a while...I know I won't!!

söndag 23 januari 2011

time to party

ok this one will be short!soon heading for the birthdayparty :)drinking some wine and listening to music...was going through some old pictures and found one of me and my sister that brings me back to sweet memories and summer. the place was italy and me and my sister was on vacation and fun.this picture is from the first day that we arrived in milano...will have to say that this was one of the best summers of my life....cant go into details now but yes its all about summerloves,sunburns,party and danceing the nights away until the sun goes up!Im to the right and my sis to the left!the next one is from tonite:)

lördag 22 januari 2011


today I started grinding 4 hours earlier than usual,tonite Im going toa birthday party so I have to get some extra hours.been living in BA since sept and have been really bad in the party area..which is pretty unusual for being me.but sinceI started playing professional I havent had the time to go out or the desire to hit the clubs. fortunatley I already have a bunch of friends and old crushes here so I havent missed out to get to know a lot of new people or new places..
but tonite is my friends birthday so we gonna go there for a dinner and later dance the night away with some nice cumbia or reagggeton;)
this is a picture of me and my sis when we where out last time:)


ahh I just wrote a huge post and then I managed to delete it...gahhhh!!!I might be to tired to update any of value anyway so I will just say good night!Im going to bed and gonna watch a movie called 21 about poker,but its a hollywood movie...Im not that obsessed with poker but this movie is really good..

torsdag 20 januari 2011


yesterday wasent a good grinding day,I only came to 2 finaltables and went out just before price in 2...gahhh it sucks big time when it happens!!Ialways tend to get more thight in my game when we come close to the prices...maybe I should be more agressive but the worst feeling ever is when you get kicked out just before price..
today is a new day and hopefully it will be better,just started with a yoga session of 40 min and now Im signed up and ready to play.
sometimes it helps listen to music when I play...its kinda relaxing...if you want a good tip on a swedish site where you can listen to music leagally go to spotify.com its great!!!you pay a fee monthly and you can listen to all kind of music and make your own playlist, grooveshark.com is another site where its free.

onsdag 19 januari 2011


woke up at 14pm today...wow must have been so tired this morning cause my sister woke me up 3 times but I dont have any memory of that...yesterday I managed to watch 5 movies about poker,then I cudden't help myself playing a tournament,10e,I came 6th place out of 100 and won 63euros:)

today I've signed up for 23 tornaments and gonna play all day and night...had a smoothie and a starbucks latte for breakfast.just love the fact that buenos aires have starbucks!!in sweden the only place you can find it is at the airports..

which me luck!

tisdag 18 januari 2011


woke up with a headache and tryed to play some tournaments hopeing that it will go away after some painkillers...but not!so today I'm gonna watch videos instead and try to improve my playing...and I'm talking about pokervideos ofcourse;) if you want to see some good video about poker and strategy I can recommend pimpindonks/ Mark schmid.. He have done a lo of good videos about how to improve your games in sit and goes and tournaments.

late games

grinding the last tournaments now for this day...I'm even so it haven't been a great day.but have been to many final tables so I'm satisfied with my playing.one funny thing when you play online is that everyone assums that youe a guy.if they are angry at you the will write something in the chat about having no balls or if they wanna give you credit for a good hand they will call you bro or dude or sir....its pretty funny since I'm as far from a "dude" I can be;) but I guess its normal assuming since this job is dominating by guys.we will have to step up girls!!!

måndag 17 januari 2011


just lost my star at the leaderboard,have to win some bigger prices to get it again :/typically!!
anyway, yesterday I played some higher stakes tournament and I didn't even get to the final tables, so today I'm back on the usaul 10-25 euro tornaments..

started the day with yoga session of 38 min,as a poker player the working hours are pretty rough with a lot of just sitting...so its important to find a type of exercising that suits you...I been doing yoga for about 4 years now.prefer to join classes in gyms,but since my working hours don't get along with the gym hours I have to do it myself.a good tip is to watch youtube and choose a session that suits you. I like this woman that has a lot of sessions to offer-

day 1

at the moment we are living in buenos aires,the capital of argentina.been here for about 5 months and planning to stay one month more.right now we are grinding every day for about 8-10h so there isn't much more to write then about poker ;)
as you know my goal is to reach 50.000euros in 2012 and Im on my way,today I earned a star in sharkscope...a star means that youre on a leaderboard(the players that won most so far this year)..ah Im so proud!!