tisdag 5 november 2013

I went to sleep with headache and went up with headache,story of my life this time of the month.Pauline and me spent the day watching swedish hollywood wifes and now it's time for poker.
I believe that every person has the right to their own body and can be free to do what they want. But I think internet has become a way for people to expose themselves or to get exposed both in a good and a bad way. There are many blogs that I read each day,where the girls either done plastic surgery or have extensions and tons of makeup. It's fake in a way,the person you see is 90 % "fixed" and I can understand this pressure that these young readers get. The reality is not 100% perfect each day. In a way I live up pretty good to my hippie standards that I believe in. As natural as it gets,sometimes even too much. If I had the time and the interest maybe I could look a bit better.But I love my body and myself without any makeup,extensions or lipfillers. I'm fine.Not perfect,not even close but I want to stress this to everyone.This is how a normal girl looks like,no makeup and after a 12 hour working day.No,I know it's not a pretty sight but this is reality haha:)Having my last hour cup of tea with a movie now.nighty night

måndag 4 november 2013

My man just left to istanbul on a photoshoot for 3 days.Me and Pauline are staying home and are gonna spend the upcoming hours playing poker.It's cold and rainy and not much else to do!Lets hope the snow will come soon,awww so cosy!!Winter time | via Tumblr

lördag 2 november 2013

I think I am the last person on earth not having an iphone. The only time when I really miss one is when taking pictures and having wifi being out. Today me and Pauline went to have a coffee in town. I had a camera with me so I could at least have a photo!!would be so much simple with an iphone though;)anyway we are back and soon its time for poker.not much more this saturday night.

fredag 1 november 2013

for sale!!!

I need to get rid off some clothes!here are pictures and prices!Everything in good shape and almost like new:)If you want to give a present for a love/friend/sister or just for yourself, this is perfect!Just add a comment if you want to buy any and I will send it in a nice package for you!
Dress H&M, 5 euro
Velvet Dress H&M, 5 euro
Top H&M, 3 euro

Top H&M, 3 euro

Top Gina Tricot, 3 euro

Mocka Top Gina tricot, 3 euro
Skirt Gina Tricot, 3 euro

Skirt Forever 21, 5 euro

shirt bikbok, 5 euro

Todays breakfast!

We ate cream spinach with egg and full fat yogurt with berries and grapefruit. If your body is craving for something specific in the morning you should always listen to it.except the sugar craving,luckily for me I never have!

tisdag 29 oktober 2013

I been busy these days with poker and other time consuming stuff,been bad at posting. Anyway the design week is over so I done my fair share of partying. Tonight Pauline is coming to spend a month here with me,I'm so happy!!Last time we spent together was in August so it's exactly 3 months later!In 3 hours Im gonna pick her up!can't wait!

lördag 26 oktober 2013

Party time with the girls!

My feelings are all over the place when I'm having pms. The thing with feelings is that I can feel so much sometimes,for not so much often. Crying over tv shows and youtube clips,poker hands et.c. So I'm watching a comedy right now to ease my mood.My boyfriend bought me a piece of chocolate yesterday,usually I finish it within 2-3 days,it took me an hour or two,with pms.It's really bad this time of the month,sometimes I wish I was a guy.But then I try one of my beautiful dresses while dancing to the supremes ,or talking to my girlfriends about guys for hours,and  I realize I'm happy being a girl.

fredag 25 oktober 2013

Last of Australia

Hello there!

It sure has been a while.. Last time I wrote we were in Melbourne and a lot has happened since then. Well I can start by telling you about the rest of the trip. We decided we were done with big cities for a while so we headed up north to get some beach and relax time. Our first stop was Noosa, where bf surprised me with a weekend at the beautiful Sheraton resort. The days in Noosa were spent on the beach and by the pool and every evening we went to the local restaurants. That's what I call a real vacation! After Noosa we went to Brisbane where we were invited over for dinner and wine by one of Ians best friends and his girlfriend (Pedro and Alice), they have a beautiful place and we had a really good time. The day after we headed to Byron Bay for some more beach time, I think it's my favorite place on the trip. Byron Bay is a beautiful authentic little hippie village with a great vibe. All the hotels and hostels were packed, we did find one and were lucky enough to get double booked at the hotel so they paid the difference for us to stay one of the nicest resorts in Byron, wonderful!

After some hippie and beach time we headed back to Brisbane where Pedro and Alice had a surprise for us, which was a Cirque du Soleil show finished by a dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. After Brisbane it was time to head back home, Ian back to Brazil and I went back to Sweden since I exceeded my days as a tourist in Brazil and I don't have my visa yet.

torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Free Online Recipes | Free Recipes
I'm almost finished with my session for the day,not as good as I hoped for.My bf just went to sleep so I'm having a cup of tea and waiting for a good hand.Yesterday I had a day off from poker,we went out to drink some wine and eat some food.First we saw an art exhibition and then listened to a lecture reading about design.in dutch.and no,I didn't understand anything.But since I'm a really nice girlfriend I kept my bf company for the sake of it;)later on we ate hamburgers of lamb and beef with truffle salsa and extra cheese.It's a lot of artsie people around here while design week.If you are interested in art and design this is the place to be!!They played rockn roll old school style yesterday so even I liked the music!gonna watch a movie now and then sleep!night!

måndag 21 oktober 2013

hello!I found this yoga challenge on youtube and will do it this upcoming month!need to start with my daily workouts again,getting too lazy.

We went out partying saturday, the whole day yesterday I was hangover and laying in bed. The dutch design week is here and there are a lot of things going on. Need to get my groove on and try to be more social;)

söndag 20 oktober 2013

as pauline wrote in the last post,we are very proud of being swedish!You feel it especially when you live in other countries like we do.People are always nice and interested when you say that you are swedish. Even though swedish girls might have a certain reputation when it comes to party trips,we do have the main reputation of being beautiful. Swedish girls are very independent and humble and everyone I meet during my travels I always got along with. But enough speaking of the girls,I also saw there was an article about guys. And Swedish guys topped the list of beautiful men,Holland came on 3rd place. Having a dutch boyfriend that is absolutely gorgeous I think Holland should have come 2nd and Italy 3rd...I will give you some pics of ma man,hmmm oki maybe Holland should have come first now when I look at him:D haha

proud to be swedish

fredag 18 oktober 2013

halloj!My bf went to work and I just did a huge cleaning of our bedroom.I hate cleaning but we all have to do it I guess.Today I don't have any plans but to play poker. I been thinking back and forth if I should write myself in Holland or keep my address in Sweden. Don't really know the pros or cons, but it would be nice to have my mail to my home instead of my mums. The thing is that I'm already totally out of the society,no tax paying and no regular income. I don't know how it works being a poker player in Holland,so I'm a bit confused. If I have any dutch poker playing readers give me a hint. Changing hospital,changing bank card and all that stuff is also something I don't have a clue about...sometimes it's hard to be a grown up,was much easier being a kid and y parents dealt with all that stuff.Anyway I guess I'm not in a hurry,if I'm going to study at Uni maybe it's better to be written in Sweden...?!gahh all this confusion...

I wanted to have a more clear pic of my haircolor since I became a brunette. I hate taking pics of myself but I guess you get the idea of how it looks like.haha

onsdag 16 oktober 2013

poker hand

BB 1200,SB 600. There is a raise utg,first of all do you call or do you reraise?SB goes all in with a stack of 55 BB. UTG raiser folds,what do you do?The stats are accurate.:)
Hello wifi world. I just started some tourneys and hoping for a good day regarding my poker. I never write much about fashion and cloths and stuff like that. But today I will post some pics of how I would like to dress for this autumn if I had a normal job:)yeah I know I can dress like this otherwise too but it's more comfortable to have yoga pants and big sweaters.Have a wonderful day!

tisdag 15 oktober 2013

yesterday I didnt play poker after all,good being my own boss skipping work like that I wouldn't last a day in real life.The thing is during this time of the month I always get headache and a bit depressed.so it's better for my ev (expected value for all you non poker players) not to play. Me and my man started to watch a new serie called masters of sex,very good,can recommend. Today I feel a bit better so I have to play some poker.

måndag 14 oktober 2013

Saturday we went to a restaurant called butler and co here in Eindhoven.We ate a 4 course dinner with wine and it was very good. The best starter I ever ate consisting of goose liver pate rolled in carpaccio and a beef tartar.Good food and good service,another place I can recommend for visitors:)
We were to tired to see the movie on cinema afterwards and went straight to bed. haha think we are getting old,anyway there will be more chances for a good poker movie.Today as every other day I'm going to play some poker.But first I will practice some yoga and drink a cup of tea.Mondays are always a little bit boring I think-

lördag 12 oktober 2013

house,techno,electric music is big here in Holland.It's something I really want to like because every place worth going out to has it.But honestly I feel like this every time I'm a t a place where it's playing.
godmorning!I just woke up and my bf had made me pancakes with plantana for breakfast,I love this man. He just started working extra for a cloth shop while he is home so he went to work.Im going to play some poker during the day instead of the evening so I'm off to start earlyier  as-well:)
(2) Timeline Photos | via FacebookIt's autumn now and the leaves are changing color and it's getting cold. I'm drinking tea and have my knitted socks on.Tonight my bf is taking me to dinner and cinema,it's a new movie about poker so ofcourse I want to see it:D

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Juicy Autumnso Im wide awake and it's night.not something unusual for me. Exactly 01.00 my migraine disappeared and I finally felt hungry for the first time today,eh yesterday?!anyway,I did such a good delicious dish that I thought I could share with you. It's me and my bf favo breakfast after pancakes with plantana. Since it's apple season this scramble apple dish is perfect. So what you use is basically almond flour, apple,2 eggs,cinnamon and cream. Fry the apple,mix flour,egg,cinnamon and pour it over. Whip cream (I use a lot) and then eat everything,the scramble should be buried in whipped cream.very good and healthy;)yummy

onsdag 9 oktober 2013

distance.my point.

So my time in bed got an abrupt ending as the door was knocking and a guy cam to install the doorbell. Nothing to do but to go up,he looked pretty surprised when I opened 14 o clock in my pj's. Well I cuddent explain because he speaks polish,half dutch and not english.hmm time to learn ducth soon maybe..
anyway I just made a cup of tea and before I dive into my poker hands I will write a post about something that bothers me a bit. People and their perception of love and relationships. I get tossed all this bad quotes at internet.One that really made me angry was about distance relationships. It said basically that being in a distance relationship is the true way to see if 2 persons are meant to be. It said that it was the distance which made a relationship stronger or weaker either way it was the ultimate test. So, instead of letting people who don't have a clue about this kind of relationships write I will write.
First of all I don't believe it's the time apart that builds a relationship but the time together. The distance that will break up a couple in that kind of relationship but the lack of staying close. But it is the same thing you might think,no it's not. Staying close to your partner frees hormones that are essential for human beings in love. The lack of these hormones,depending on each individual can have harmful effects. It depends on the kind of work you put into your relationship and the mutual respect that lies between the both of you. Another bad quote that even I used to listen to is if it's meant to be it will be. That is also false,because you need to put work into anything that you want. In ever single love story you can find people who worked for their love. I mean,how many movies would still be love movies if the guy sat back with crossed arms and said,if it's meant to be it will be?!Relationships needs work and commitment,a distance relationship needs even more. The issue is that people don't put enough work into their relationship,they get lazy. Even if you live together or apart you need to work on your relationship and do sacrifices. A quote like the distance don't matter if you love each other is just not right. Distance matters and even more if you love each other. It matter because it hurts and you will have to sacrifice so much to keep it up. Having a conversation or a fight gets worse because you can't read face expressions that are essential. The lack of sex and to express emotions is hurting the relationship. So no,a distance relationship is not the ultimate test to see if 2 persons are meant to be.period. A if it's meant to be it will be is not the right way of thinking but can be helpful when you are lazy.And only when you are lazy. Untitled
god I feel so sorry for myself.Played poker all day and night yesterday without the tiniest of winnings.Then I got a migraine that would kill anyone. I always suffered from migraines,since I was about a teenager. But it always went away with a bunch of painkillers and a long sleep.My migraine now has taken it to another level,even if I sleep I wake up with the same pain as I went to sleep with.So back and forth all night,in and out of toilet...here I am stranded in bed.Maybe it's good for the blog though,with nothing to do but to write:)

tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Just dropped off my bf at the train,he is going away 2 days!I went to a cafe in the city ate a plate of carpaccio and a cappuccino for breakfast. Its nice to have a luxury breakfast alone sometimes. Sipping on a good coffee having your computer with you and going through some poker hands.
Now I just came back to the apartment,put a whole chicken in the oven and will be playing in a minute. These days while my bf is working hard in Istanbul I will have a full poker schedule from am to pm.Could be good to do some heavy playing while there is no other stuff to do.
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